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We have introduced the strapline 'Be the difference', which brings our brand to life. It has been developed as a result of our research findings.  It has been built on truth and is the articulation of everything our stakeholders hold true about the University of Stirling.  It is who we are.

There are two styles; a single one-line strapline, and a two-line, stacked version to choose from.  Different variants of the footline (hook) have been created to allow flexibility.

Each of these variants are available in black, white (reversed), energy green (PMS 368) and heritage green (PMS 349).


Downloads available

'Be the difference' strapline

Our 'Be the difference' strapline is present throughout all that we do. It may appear as a specific lockup or as text within the copy content.

You must always use master artwork when reproducing the logo. 

'Be the difference' lockup

Relationship of elements 

The lockup contains two elements: 

Footline1 The footline holds the lockup together. The line width is determined by the width of the letters bar. The footline may extend beyond the wordmarque measure. 

The footline may be used to hold other text content - but should be used sparingly. 

Wordmarque2 The space between the type and the footline is equal to the space between ‘BE THE’ and ‘DIFFERENCE’. 

You must always use master artwork when reproducing the logo. 

'Be the difference' lockup variants

Variants have been created positioning the foot of the footline to different alignment points. 

The lockup may be used in any colour from the University’s colour palette. However you should never mix the colour of the footline and the message, i.e. if 'Be the difference' is in green the footline should also be in green or if 'Be the difference' is in blue the footline should be in blue.

You must always use master artwork when reproducing the logo. 

Seeding in
'Be the difference'

Our brand strapline 'Be the difference' is relevant to all stakeholder groups and can be tailored to fit their motivations and needs.

Below are some examples of how it can be used for different groups:


Undergraduate students

Be the difference. Realise your potential (widening participation).

Be the difference. Take the leap.

Are you Stirling? Be the difference.

Postgraduate students

Be the difference. Redefine your future.

Take the next step. Be the difference at Stirling.

Be the difference. Redefine your prospects.


Generic – Be the difference.  Create change for the better.

Aquaculture - Be the difference.  Feed the future.

Dementia – Be the difference.  Care for others.

Communications and Media – Be the difference.  Tell the story.

Health and Wellbeing – Make an impact. Be the difference.

Enterprise and Economy – Be the difference.  Influence others.


Social Sciences – Be the difference.  Impact on society.

Natural Sciences – Be the difference.  Protect our planet.

Arts and Humanities – Be the difference.  Use your knowledge.

Health Sciences and Sport – Transform lives. Be the difference.

Stirling Management School – Invest in your future. Be the difference.


Generic - Be the difference. Play your part.

Golf – Be the difference. Make the putt.

Tennis – Be the difference.  Own the court.

Soccer/football – Be the player who scores the goal. Be the difference.

Triathlon – Go the distance. Be the difference.

Swimming – Be the difference in the pool.

American football – Be the player who gets the touchdown. Be the difference.

Student experience

Campus – Feel the nature.  Be the difference.

Careers / industry - Stirling graduates stand out. Be the difference.

Accommodation – Make friends for life. Be the difference.

Study in Scotland

Be the difference. With a castle view.

Be the difference. Join a global community.

A new adventure. Be the difference.

You don’t have to be Scottish to be Stirling. Be the difference.

Study abroad

Be the difference. Explore the world.

Be the difference. Create connections.

Be the difference. Broaden your horizons.



Be the difference – you can make it happen.

Business and Alumni


Innovate with the University of Stirling. Be the difference.

Secure the best talent. Be the difference.


Be the difference. Pay it forward.

Be the difference. Be a mentor.

Be the difference. Share your story.



Be the difference. Play your part.

Be the difference. Make it happen.

Are you ready to be the difference?

No limits. Be the difference.

Make a difference. Be the difference.

Be the difference. Lead by example.

Be the difference with a university that makes a difference.

Feel free to come up with your own suggestions or contact Marketing if you would like some inspiration or guidance for your specific area.

Application in practice

The lock-up strapline can be used in cases where the message split into two sentences.

The strapline can also be expressed as a single line in type.

Upper and lowercase when used within copy content.

Our University Boilerplate

We've created the 'boilerplate' text below which can be re-used in a number of contexts to describe the University:

At the University of Stirling, ‘being the difference’ is in everything we do. We take pride in delivering an education based on innovation and excellence, and our groundbreaking research is transforming global societies.

With three-quarters of our research ranked world-leading and internationally-excellent (Research Excellence Framework 2014), our interdisciplinary research has a positive impact on communities worldwide. We collaborate with international governments and policymakers, businesses, industry, and charitable organisations, to provide solutions to some of the toughest global societal challenges.

Stirling’s outstanding learning and teaching standards are recognised by students and employers. With a satisfaction rate of 86% in the National Student Survey (2017), we are above the Scottish and UK sector average; we were ranked first in Scotland and third in the UK for university graduate employability; and top in Scotland for welcoming international students, in the International Student Barometer (2016).

As we celebrate our 50th anniversary, our ambitions don’t stop there.

We have targets to: be one of the top 25 universities in the UK; increase income by £50 million; and enhance our research profile by 100 per cent.

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