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Colour palette

Our colour palette plays a vital role in delivering a visibly consistent look to all of our communications. Green is our primary colour as it reflects the natural beauty of our green campus.

Our colour palette


Our primary colour palette has been carefully chosen to identify and differentiate us.

Green is our primary colour (Energy Pantone 368 and Heritage Pantone 349). Energy colours are dominant for the Undergraduate campaign and should be weighted 90/10%.

Our primary colours should be supported by the secondary palette.

Our tertiary colours should be used for body text and some messaging.

The primary and secondary colour palettes are made up of colour pairings - ‘Energy colours’ and ‘Heritage colours’. These can be used separately, mixed or as the pairings suggested.

You can use tints (70%,50%,30%) of your chosen colour. Using tints gives more flexibility.

You should always be mindful of issues of legibility when using the palette and avoid using white text on light colours and black text on dark colours.

Online colour usage.

To adhere to accessibility guidance online, please ensure that sufficient contrast levels exist between colour usage. Remember each colour can be used at specified tints.

primary colour swatches

Colour palette

Secondary colours

To create rhythm, pace and variety we have a developed a secondary colour palette. It should be used to support our primary and tertiary palettes to create strong and exciting material.

Widening Participation campaign

A specific colour palette has been defined for our Widening Participation campaign. These colours are not for use outside the Widening Participation campaign.


For specific instructions on how to use the Widening Participation colours and logos, please refer to the "Widening Participation Guidelines"

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