Jie Bao


  Division: Literature & Languages

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Title of research topic

Using Multimodal Analysis to Investigate the Interpreter’s Active Role


Recent research in interpreting studies has favoured the argument that, in practice, the interpreter plays an active role, rather than the prescribed role stipulated in professional codes of conduct. Cutting edge studies utilising multimodal research methods have taken a more comprehensive approach to investigating this argument, searching for evidence of the interpreter’s active involvement not only through textual analysis, but also by examining a range of non-verbal communicative means (such as gaze, gestures and body orientations, etc.). Studies using multimodal analysis, such as those by Pasquandrea (2011) and Davitti (2012), have succeeded in offering new insights into the interpreter’s role in interaction. This research presents further investigation into the interpreter’s role through multimodal analysis by focusing on differing power relations between primary participants (such as asymmetry in specialist knowledge) and how this influences the interpreter’s active role.

Research Interests

Interpreter’s role, multimodal analysis, discourse analysis, and power relations in interaction.

Further information 

The findings of this study (a) contribute to our understanding of the active role of the interpreter in interpreting studies by exploring new insights from a multimodal approach, and (b) offers new empirical findings regarding the impact of power relations on interpreter-mediated interactions.

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