Current Students

The Faculty of Arts & Humanities at Stirling offers a diverse range of opportunities for research students interested in pursuing a PhD by research, publication or by practice. Stirling has a strong tradition in innovative and interdisciplinary research in the arts and humanities, and we have excellent opportunities both within and across a wide range of disciplines. Research students can draw on the expertise of our academic staff, all of whom have national and international reputations in their respective fields. We value the opportunity to work with new research talent and have put in place a supportive environment for you to develop your skills and pursue your specialist field of research. We look forward to meeting and working with you.

The School has a vibrant postgraduate research community working across its four Divisions. Students are provided with access to dedicated research facilities as well as an opportunity to attend a range of research seminars and workshops within specialist research centres and collaboratively across multi-disciplinary subjects. Research students have recourse to a number of training opportunities, at University, School and Divisional levels, including subject specialist training within postgraduate research seminars and other fora. Every student has access to on-site workstations and campus facilities such as Stirling's refurbished library.

Below are the details of our current students and their Thesis topics.

Literature and Languages

Research students in English Studies


Thesis   Topic

Branagh, Maxine

The Scottish Child Reader in the Long Eighteenth Century: A Comparison of the Expectations and Experience of Young Readers in the Wake of the Scottish Enlightenment

Chen, Binghua

Translating Culture of International Economic Law-A Corpus-based Case Study between Chinese and English

Janet Chu, Tsai-Yi

Poetics of Horror: From Early British Gothic   Novels to Edgar Allan Poe's Gothic Tales

Clare, Susan

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and the Politics of Repression

Cox, Catriona

Publishing in Scotland 1968-2018

Docherty, Paul

Developing Literary Glasgow

Dye, Jill


Farley, Erin

 Poetry, Song and Community in the Industrial City:  Victorian Dundee

Farnsworth, John

 Writing Baja

Flores Varona, Felix

 Scottish writers as Approached by Jose Marti, Cuba's National Hero

Fenge, Anna

Antagonistic Modernists

Garbutt, Ian


Gardner, Kelly

The Emergence of the Sentient Zombie: Zombie   monstrosity in the postmodern and Posthuman Gothic

Giles, Harry

Scrievan Orkney's Future: Marginal Language and Speculative Poetries

Harvey, Beth

Metaphor Construction and the Evolution of Language

Hill, Lorna

Bloody Women: The Role of Women in Scottish and Scandinavian Crime Fiction

Hotchkiss, Duncan

Scottish Romanticism and the Short Story.

Introna, Arianna

Disability in Scottish Modern Writing

Kiernan, Anna

 Writing Culture and Cultural Value:  Ethnographies of Contemporary Publishing

Lacote, Fanny

Dark Channel Crossings:  Relations Between French and British Gothics 1789-1821/1991-2014

Lindsay, Stuart

A Monument to the Gothic: Chernobyl,   Internationalism and the Post-Communist Landscape

Lobban, Aileen

The preservation of cultural memory in the works of Louise Bennett.

 MacLeod, Mairi

The Metaphysical Landscapes of Neil M. Gunn 

Markou, Helena

 The Shelf-Life of Books:  An Exploration of the Lifecycle and Longevity of Books in the UK in the 21st Century

Marsden, Stevie

The History of the Saltire Society's Book   Awards: 1982-present

McAvoy, Meghan

Critique of Scottish Literary Nationalism

McIntosh, Galina

Transparent Communication: Corpus-based study of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) translations between English and Russian.

McKean, James

Literature and Architecture, 1700-1850 

Mitchell, Geraldine

 Irish Women's Poetry, an original collection and discussion

Moore, Donna

Women's Rights Through Women's Writing: a creative critical examination of how fiction written by women has reflected womens struggles from the mid-eighteenth century and how this then informs creative writing element focusing on Scottish women over the same time period.

Nesling, Marguerite

The novels of John Galt

Noad, Benjamin

Wellbeing and the Gothic:  A History of Mental Ill-health in Gothic Literature, from 1845 to the present day

Noorda, Rachel

The Scottish Diaspora and the Book Business: How   Emigration Affects Marketing, Selling and Distributing Scottish Titles Abroad

Olson, Danel

Gothic Effects of Trauma in American-Authored   9/11 Novels, 2002-2103

Preston, Louisa

 The Nesta/Creative Scotland

Rae, Allan

Content Voids: Postmodernism and Mourning

Ry-Kottoh, Lucy

 Digital Publishing in Ghana, with a focus on Children's/Educational Publishing

Savatier- Lahondes, Celine


Silva, Hannah

Black British Poetry in Performance

 Smee-Giles, Harry


Tenshak, Juliet

Contemporary Nigerian Prose Writers and the   Influence of the Structural Adjustment Programme on their writing

Tura Vecino, Aleix

Short Story Anthologies and the Politics of Gender 

Watt, Roseanne

 Aa My Mindin:  Time and Timelessness in the poetry of the Scottish Isles

Weiss, Lauren

The Literary Clubs and Societies of Glasgow: A History of Scottish Reading, 1837-1901

White, Mariclaire

Promoting Scottish Books in the 21st Century: An Investigation into the Sustainability of Scotland's Literary Culture.

Wiles, Ellen

Live Literature and Cultural Value:  An Ethnographic Exploration

Zachariah, Tirzah

 Silence and Representation in Selected postcolonial texts by Women Writers of Asian origin

Research students Languages , Cultures and Religion


Thesis   Topic

Bao, Jie

Chinese/English Interpreter's role in   intercultural communication

Hao, Yifei

A Corpus based research on Terminology Translation of TCSL textbooks. 

MacDonald, Angus

The Birth and the (Hidden) Histories of the New French Horror Genre.

Medlock, Paige

Professions of Faith:  Stained Glass Making and the Visual Culture of Theology

Ross, Janice

Documenting Hebridean Life Stories

Tiller, Elizabeth

Femme Fatale in Spanish Cinema

Verbeke, Martin

Turning the Speculative into the   Typological:Ninian Smart's Quest for a 'Pure' Phenomenology and how it might   be achieved

Zour, Shani

Pentecostalism, Possession and HIV/AIDS in Malawi


History and Politics

Research Students in History



Thesis   Topic

Baker, Stephanie

Is there a Medieval Scottish Diet

Bedborough, Sheena

Scottish MPs at Westminster,  c.1750-c.1780

Blanchard, Paul

British Radical Right in the Inter-war Period

Bouchillon, Jill

Friendship in the American Colonies 1750-1775

Buchanan, Katherine

Structural, geographical, and social environments   of 14th and 15th century Scottish castles.

Cessford, Jane

Women in Glasgow under the New Poor Law between 1861 and 1901

Clark, Cullen

Congregational Polity and Associatonal Authority:  The evolution of nonconformity in Britain, 1765-1865

Dean, Lucinda

Crowns, Processions and Wedding Rings: Continuity   and Change in the Representations of Scottish Royal Authority in State   Ceremony c.1214–c.1603

Duncan, Fiona

The development of a Tory ideology 1760-1832

Fanstone, Ben

The pursuit of the "good forest" in   Colonial Kenya

Giebeler, Jane

Evolution and development of the ideology of the Partei des Demokratischen Sozialismus:  an analysis of party political   discourse from 1989-1990

Hanlon, Craig

Colleagues, Adversaries, and Friends: John Adams and the Practise of Law in Massachusetts c.1758 – 1777

Hodgson, Victoria

The Medieval Abbey of Coupar Angus

Hughes, Laura

Race, Labour and Religion in the French Atlantic   between 1685 and 1788

Jack, Josephine

Welfare of Scottish Evacuees in World War II

Jack, Katy

The Political and Local Consequences of the   Decline and Fall of the earls of Mar in north-east Scotland during the 15th   Century

MacPherson, Jamie

John Adams, Friendship and Politics:  1704-1801

MacSporran, Graham

Glasgow and the Great War 

Martin, Nicola

 The Cultural Paradigms of British Imperialism in the Militarisation of Scotland and North America, c.1745-75

Millar, Richard

Scone Abbey and Its Cartularies

Minty, Christopher

‘Standing Foremost against the Congress’: The   Origins of Loyalism in New York, c.1765–1775

Nelson, Edward

Regeneration studentship (CEHP) - The Impact of   hydroelectricity on Scottish Rivers, since 1943

Outram-Leman, Sven

Britain’s Pre-Colonial Cartography of West Africa, 1749-1841

Pride, Maria

Massachusetts Privateers, 1750-90

Purdy, Ross

The Development of John Wilbur Chapman’s Life and   Thought (1859 – 1918)

Ramsay, Rhona

Exploring the value of the presence of Gypsy/Traveller objects and agency in Scottish Museums 

Robinson, Sara

Travel and Travellers in Medieval and Early   Modern Scotland

Russell, Victoria

The Origins of the University of Stirling

Sang Dong, Lee

The development of Dunfermline Abbey and the cult   of St Margaret c.1070-c.1406

Shearer, Claire

“Living in” in nurses homes in Scotland during nurse/midwife training during the twentieth century

Tucker, Nicholas John

The Influence of Romanticism on the Thought of   Edward Irving 1792 – 1834

Tuxworth, Michelle

Scottish Hospitals and ‘Spittals’, c.1100-1600:   Environment, Geography and Society

Victoria, Victoria

The Medieval Abbey of Coupar Angus 

Wallace, Shaun

Black Literacy and Slave Rebelliousness in the   United States South between c.1790-1810

Wyeth, Will

Scotland's Early Stone Castles, c.1050 - 1350

Young, Lionel

 The African Inland Mission, the African   Inland Church, and the Development of Global Evangelicalism, 1945-1975

Young, Helen

The small rural school and Community relations in   Scotland 1872-2000: an interdisciplinary history

Research Students in Politics


Thesis   Topic

Chung, Paul

Citizenship and the Accommodation of Cultural   Minorities

Gillen, Paul

This discursive construction of national identity by Labour and the SNP, 1967-2015

Harvey, Malcolm

Nationalism – comparative analysis of Spain and   UK

Hunt, Stephan

The implications of intergenerational justice for   democratic sovereignty and political agency

Mackay, Kenneth

Scotland and communitarianism: an examination of   the extent to which the various political forms of communitarianism are   evident in the policy and actions of political parties in Scotland.

MacGregor, Steven

How Parlaiments Process Legislation

Persson- stromback, Karin

The Unionization of Sex workers - A Comparative   Study of the Ideational Impact on Lobbying and Policymaking

Rautenberg, Sophia

The indigenous rights movement and the climate   change threat - The repackaging of norms

Robson, Graham

Scots Abroad: Politics at Home

Salvona, Andrea

The History of Public Policy on Travelling Communities


Communications, Media and Culture

Research students in Communications, Media and Culture


Thesis   Topic

Alomari, Rana

Communication of Bahraini Culture through public   diplomacy 

Cook, Alastair

Collective Memory and the Politics of Landscape in Rural Scotland (a practice-based PhD exploring the convergence of still and moving image technologies)

Esteves,  Victoria

The circulation of participatory culture: memes,   creativity and networks

Flockhart, Louise

Femininity, Feasting and Death:  the significance of the female cannibal in contemporary literature and film

Grunwell, Karen 

 Archiving and Historicising Women's Football in Scotland

Hadland, Jacqueline

News media education: new skills for the digital age

Hall, Martin

Jacques Lacan and the British Film Culture of 1968:  Historicising Psychoanalysis, Cinema and Revolution.

Hopkins, Ellen

After Aberfan:  The photographic representation of South Wales and its people post 1966

Ishak, Nur Adzlin Binti

Exploring internal communication and engagement in organisational change: Employees' perspectives

Ishtiaq Nauman, Saadia

Science Not for All: The Contribution of Pakistani Daily English and Urdu Language Newspapers to Scientific Literacy in Pakistan

Kachulski, Damyan

How the Scottish press adapted to political and market changes in the post-war period:  a historical account based on the Archive of the Scottish Newspaper Society (1944-2009)

Ludwicki-Ziegler, Sebastian

Reinventing political communication:  An investigation into parliamentary assistants as "shadow players of political communication"

Main, Shona

 Inside the shared space of documentarist and subject:  the quietly radical ideas and ethics of Jenny Gilbertson (1902-1990)

McKeown, Clare

Missing from the picture:  does anti-violence against women (VAW) imagery fail "ugly" women?

Moffat, Kate 

Nordic Cinema & Immigration

Ramsay, Susannah

Experiencing the Film-Poem. Touching the Landscape, Tasting the Film.

Ritchie, John

 British Silent Cinema and the Transition to Sound

Tawiah, Haford

Civic Political Participation in Emerging Democracies: Role of Online Social Media. An Exploratory Study of the Ghanaian Political Environment.

Teng, An-Chun

 The Research of Crisis Communication Strategies in Food Safety in Taiwan: A Case Study of Edible Oil Crisis in 2013 and 2014

Tomar, Alka

Communicating climate change in India

Toppin, Monique

Cinema and Cultural Memory in The Bahamas in the 1940s through the 1970s.

Wartnaby, Jennifer

Archiving & Historicising the Feminist Anti-Violence Movement in Scotland.


Law and Philosophy

Research Students in Law


Thesis   Topic

Aboukdir, Anwar

The Passing of property and Remedies under the   United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods

Abulaban, Albara

Reform of Saudi Arbitration Law

Abuzaid, Dina

Reform of the doctrine of good faith and fair presentation:  a critical comparative study for the future challenges in insurance contracts

Alamri, Mohammed Ali H

Dumping of goods and trade defences in Saudi Arabia - A Critical Analysis

Alkhadhari, Abdulwahab

The Contract of the Sale under the Laws of the   Kingdom of Saudi Arabia-A Critical Appraisal and Comparison with the   International Regime

Alkhattawi, Yousef

The Challenges to Media Organisations Presented   by Anti-Terrorism Laws 

Alrashidi, Razq

Delocalization in international commercial arbitration   over the internet

Alrajaan, Turki

How certain aspects of Saudi Arbitration Law measure up to the Model Law and the Arbitration (Scotland) Act 2010

Althabity, Mohammad


Baissa, Mohammed

 Confidentiality in Arbitration

Carrick, Sarah

 An Analysis of current media rights for athletes in both the UK and abroad, with a focus upon the disadvantages faced by female athletes in the promotion of their image

Chiwenga, Lorraine

Evaluating legal and regulatory provision for the resilience of nuclear energy.

Ibekwe, Chibuko R

The Law of Cybercrime and the Procedural   Enforcements: A Comparative Study of UK and Nigerian Regulations

Jafari, Farhang

The Concerns of the Shipping Industry Regarding   the Applications of Electronic Bills of Lading in Practice Amid Technological   Change

Kio, Odaloighe Arhtur

Anti-doping law and policy in Nigeria and other   African jurisdictions

Mohammed, Nazar

Consumer Protection for Online contracts - A Comparative Study between the Iraqi and English Law

Omran, Mohamed

Competition Law in Libya

Quadri, Yewande Olasimbo


 Rabah,   Osama

How the Legal Systems deal with domestic   arbitration in Saudi Arabia and Britain

To, Christopher

Mediation and the Law


Research Students in Philosophy


Thesis   Topic

Billinge, Daniel


Church, Ian


Dempsey, James

The collective responsibility of business   organisations.

Doherty, Fiona


Friedman-Biglin, Noah


Higgins, Joseph

The socially extended mind

Ho, Brian

The nature of rights, the way in which having a   right licenses the right-holder to make demands of others, and what this   tells us about human rights to goods and services.

Jacinto, Bruno


Janssen-Lauret, Frederike


Lowe, Ruth


Markey, Brendan


McDevitt, Patrick

 Perfectionist theories of social justice

Payne, Simon


Silverman, David

 A development and defence of the   sensorimotor account of perception

Stathopoulos, Alexander


Tarnovanu, Horia


Thorpe, Joshua


Trevino-Tarango, Martha


Welch, Brett

 A theory of the minmal self shaped by   enactivism and phenomenology 

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