Historical research at Stirling is internationally recognised as being at the cutting edge of the discipline. We form an essential part of a thriving research culture in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities and make the most of the inter-disciplinarity that the School offers.

Chronologically, historical research at Stirling ranges from the Viking era to the present day. The hallmarks of our research is its broad geographical, including a special emphasis on processes of trans-national and global interactions and comparative historical work. In particular, History at Stirling is known as a centre of excellence for early American, African, and environmental history. We are currently developing our expertise in the history of Europe’s most recent past.

Our particular strengths include:

  •  Colonial and early American history within a broad transatlantic and inter-disciplinary context
  •  Post-1707 British and imperial history; contemporary European history with a special interest in the history of popular  politics
  •  Medieval to modern history of Scotland in the context of the British Isles and Europe
  •  Peace history
  •  The history of Spain and Portugal

Thematically, we share interests in:

  •  Questions of political power (including kingship, office and governmental institutions), political representations, and  social  movements and activism    
  •  Atlantic Studies: the history of interactions across the Atlantic in a multi-disciplinary context
  •  Questions of the relationship between states and civil society, and of inclusion and exclusion, as they become evident in  the history  of religion and religious movements, the policies and politics of social welfare, the history medicine in the  context of public policy, as  well as in the history of race and gender
  •  Evidence of human/agency interaction over time with natural landscape, resources and waste, as well as the built  environment and   cultural heritage 

Research clusters

We discuss our research in three broad thematic clusters. We meet regularly (every month of the teaching semester) in informal seminars to discuss research projects, article drafts, and grant applications. PhD students play a vital role in these meetings, both as contributors and as discussants. 

These clusters are - 

Political Representations and Social Movements

Atlantic Studies

These interests channel into our participation in Stirling University’s cross-disciplinary Centres for Scottish Studies and for Human Security and European Neighbourhood Studies as well as the Centre for Environmental History and Policy.

They reflect collaboration with an international range of academic partners, government agencies, NGOs, museums, galleries and schools. Our staff also appear as experts in the national and international media. Our research directly informs our undergraduate and post-graduate teaching.

We are especially proud of our work with local communities, especially as part of the innovative Ochils Landscape Partnership in built heritage community access and the work of History Tomorrow , our commercial branch that provides historical expertise for local community stakeholders. 

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