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Postgraduate courses

Creative Writing (MLitt)

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The MLitt in Creative Writing offers the opportunity to produce a body of work – poetry, fiction, or creative non-fiction – over the course of a creative and stimulating year. The degree combines intensive writers’ workshops, technique-focused option modules, and one-to-one tuition by the distinguished writers on staff and visiting writers, editors and artists.

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Doctor of Diplomacy (DDipl)

The role and responsibilities of diplomats have changed dramatically over recent years. Globalisation, international trade developments, and increasing interdependence,  not to mention dramatic shifts in the balance of power and complexities of the problems that need to be tackled, mean that today’s diplomats need to have at their fingertips a vast amount of knowledge and an array of skills that is unprecedented. This requires a new way of thinking about how to train diplomats.

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English Language and Linguistics

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The MLitt in English Language and Linguistics offers students the opportunity to study the intricate workings of language and explore its central role in human society.

We investigate how language works, how people use it, what people use it for, where it came from and how it changes. The range of research expertise represented by the three dedicated members of staff teaching on the course are reflected in a comprehensive suite of modules that include cognitive, sociolinguistic, historical, evolutionary, and discourse analytical topics.

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Environment, Heritage and Policy

The MSc in Environment, Heritage and Policy has been developed to provide interdisciplinary training at an advanced level for existing practitioners in the heritage sector or those seeking a career in that sector.

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Environmental Policy and Governance

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The LLM/MSc in Environmental Policy and Governance has been developed by the University of Stirling specialists in Economics, Politics, Environmental Science and Law who have combined to create an innovative and distinctive multi-disciplinary degree. 

This course has a clear focus on the environment adopts a unique, multi-disciplinary approach to this topical subject area. It provides a sound, broad-based understanding of the key areas of knowledge in the field by examining a range of environmental issues from a regional, national and international perspective. On completion of this course students will be able to contribute to policy solutions for contemporary environmental problems. 

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Gender Studies (Applied)

The MSc/MLitt in Gender Studies (Applied) equips students with conceptual and practical skills in gender analysis and research, underpinned by feminist theory. Through core modules – Understanding Gender, Feminist Research, and Key Feminist Thinkers – students are exposed to a range of theoretical and methodological approaches for studying gender. We give history and context to the development of key feminist debates, exploring commonalities and differences in the ways they have played out in different disciplines At the heart of the course is a concern about how academic debate informs, is shaped by, and is – at times – distanced from, how gender ‘works’ in real world contexts. Students explore these issues through a seminar-based course and are offered the opportunity to apply their learning in real world contexts through the Research Placement module.

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Historical Research

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The History graduate programme trains students to be historians and prepares them for doctoral research. Both are achieved through the completion of independent study modules and skills training under close and careful supervision. Research topics are chosen from a range of fields in consultation with supervisors; there are also three pathways specifically for in-depth study in Medieval Scottish History, the American Revolutionary Era and Environmental History.

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Humanities (MRes)

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The MRes in Humanities will prove you a strong self-directed initiator, capable of mastering a specialised subject and working across disciplines, while equipping you with tremendous transferable skills fit for manifold areas of research and professional life.

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International Conflict and Cooperation (MSc)

soldier in warzone

This is an exciting course, taught in the evenings in order to accommodate both full-time and part-time students. The aim of the course is to freely debate ideas and solutions to particular conflict situations that are of interest to students.

Graduates may expect to find employment in organisations that are governmental (FCO, MoD, and the respective ministries in other countries), inter-governmental (EU, NATO, UN, NAFTA, WTO) and non-governmental (Amnesty International, Red Cross, Human Rights Watch).

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International Energy Law and Policy (LLM)

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Graduates of the LLM in International Energy Law and Policy will be well placed to pursue careers in the legal firms, the environmental sector, government, regulatory authorities, international bodies, non-governmental organisations, business, pressure groups and charities.

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Law: Accelerated Graduate LLB

The Accelerated Graduate LLB is a two-year degree which is accredited by both the Law Society of Scotland and Faculty of Advocates. Combined with further training, the Accelerated Graduate LLB provides an entry route into the legal profession in Scotland, enabling graduates to practise as Scottish solicitors or advocates.

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Media and Communications Management (Vietnam)

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The course is delivered in English by Stirling academics, with teaching assistantship by Western-educated local media specialists, and involves both intensive face-to-face teaching and online instruction. Throughout the course, students will attend lectures, seminars and discussions by/with leading media personalities in Vietnam. The full-time course takes 16 months to complete and the part-time version takes 27 months. Students completing the course will be awarded a University of Stirling’s MSc in Media and Communications Management degree.

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Media Management

The MSc in Media Management at Stirling is designed to educate graduates for a professional career in the dynamic media and communications industries. International in focus, the course is delivered by leading academics in media and communications studies, and maintains excellent connections with a wide range of media organisations and media professionals many of whom are former graduates.

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Media Research

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Study a Research Masters (MRes) in Media Research at Stirling's Division of Communication, Media and Culture: 1st in Scotland in communication, cultural and media studies research (REF 2014). 

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The St Andrews and Stirling Graduate Programme in Philosophy (SASP) is taught by the Philosophy departments in the Universities of St Andrews and Stirling. The Philosophy Graduate Programmes of St Andrews and Stirling are now fully merged for all postgraduate degrees and together form Scotland’s premier centre for philosophy and one of the top philosophy institutions in the United Kingdom.

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Public Policy (MPP)

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This MPP provides an advanced qualification in research and policy analysis. It allows you to develop the conceptual, analytical and practical skills required to flourish in the policymaking world, preparing you for a career in the public sector and vocations that make a contribution to the development or delivery of public policy.  It can also be used as a springboard for further postgraduate research. The course combines core modules in policy and policymaking with optional modules in social research and policy-relevant disciplines. 

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Publishing Studies (MLitt)

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The Stirling Centre for International Publishing and Communication provides a comprehensive and coherent approach to all forms of publishing: book, journals, magazine, and digital. The MLitt in Publishing Studies course covers the whole process of planning, editing, production, marketing and publication management. It is dedicated to teaching the best current publishing practice, so the course content is updated each year as a result of the rapid changes that are transforming the industry worldwide.

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Publishing Studies (MRes)

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The MRes Publishing Studies allows students to develop strong research skills in the field of publishing studies, either with regard to contemporary publishing issues and trends or to the history of the book and print culture. It enables and encourages an analytical and research-driven approach to publishing, leading either towards further study and research, or allowing publishing practitioners to examine in depth issues affecting their current practice.

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Renaissance Studies

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The MRes Renaissance Studies is aimed at those who are interested in the literary and broader cultural aspects of the Renaissance and who wish to acquire a more specialised knowledge of this field. A primary objective is to investigate factors that contribute to the distinctiveness of the cultural productions of Northern Europe, including Scotland.

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Scottish Literature (MLitt)

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More than a decade of devolution, Scotland’s national status ‘is both dangled before us and tantalisingly withheld’ (Don Paterson).

The MLitt Modern Scottish Writing explores this ambivalence and how it is both shaped and reflected by literary texts including novels, poems, ballads and songs, from the Romantic period to the present. Our approach is informed by critical theory as well as traditional literary history, thus providing an ideal introduction to further postgraduate work.

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Strategic Communication & Public Relations (Joint Degree)

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This variant of our established MSc Strategic Public Relations & Communication Management course is delivered jointly with our partner Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, Spain. This course provides students with a solid international perspective on strategic communication and provides an opportunity to study in both Stirling, UK, and Barcelona, Spain.

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Strategic Public Relations & Communication Management

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The MSc/Dip in Strategic Public Relations & Communication Management is an interdisciplinary, advanced-level course taught by established academics and practitioners. It offers a hands-on approach while at the same time providing you with the theoretical foundations necessary to practise public relations at a managerial level.

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Strategic Public Relations (Online)

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Do you already work in public relations and want to advance in your career without taking time out to follow a full-time course?  Are you interested in a career in public relations but unable to move away from home to study for domestic reasons? Then why not consider the MSc in Strategic Public Relations (online)?

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Television Content Development and Production

Do you have a passion for TV? Are you fizzing with ideas for fresh, exciting content? Do you want to know how to get ideas out of your head and onto the screen. This could be the course for you. The first of its kind in Scotland, this MSc offers a unique focus on television development and production for broadcast.

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The Gothic Imagination (MLitt)

gothic churchyard

The MLitt in The Gothic Imagination at the University of Stirling offers an intensive historical, critical and theoretical investigation of the curious, multi-faceted cultural phenomenon that is the Gothic, that aesthetic of horror and terror which, as the received literary-historical narrative goes, first arose and flourished in the wake of the publication of Horace Walpole’s The Castle of Otranto in late 1764. Covering the rise of the Gothic in the aesthetic and political discourses of the late seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, tracking its developments through nineteenth-century British and American contexts and charting its extension into a range of modern and contemporary global trends, the MLitt in The Gothic Imagination provides students with the ideal opportunity to investigate, understand and analyse this fascinating cultural mode. 

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Translation Studies (MSc)

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The MRes in Translation Studies provides a fantastic gateway to a career as a professional translator. It will equip you with the skills that will allow you to participate in international business and cultural dialogues.

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Translation Studies with TESOL (MSc)

Stirling’s innovative combined MSc in Translation Studies and TESOL enables you to develop high-level language skills that can be applied both in the field of professional translation and in the TESOL classroom.

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