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Undergraduate courses

Digital Media

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The course provides a rigorous and intellectually-challenging training in the tools, applications and possibilities of the digital environment from the preparation of multimedia content to its effective display and dissemination. With strong practical elements built into the course, graduates will be ideally equipped for entry into any sector of the economy that makes use of digital contents or platforms, including the media industry. 

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English Studies

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Texts are all around us - from books to magazines to TV, e-mail and the internet.

As texts of all kinds become more prominent and powerful in our lives, the ability to analyse them and appreciate their often elusive meanings becomes more highly prized.

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Film and Media

group of students conduct TV interview

We are pioneers in film and media education and research, nationally and internationally active in the field since 1978. The department is one of the largest in the UK and has consistently been rated top in Scotland in Research Assessment Exercises since they began (including the most recent exercise).

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Eiffel Tower

This course gives you a broad understanding of French language and thought, in a variety of historical and geographical contexts. We focus particularly on the ways in which encounters with other cultures transform French language, culture and society: you’ll explore ethnic diversity in contemporary France and the complexity of French language cultures in places as diverse as Quebec, the Maghreb and sub-Saharan Africa.

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Heritage and Tourism

The course provides a broad-based interdisciplinary training in Heritage and Tourism that is rigorous and intellectually challenging, as preparation for, or as an enhancement to, a career in this area.

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student with historical materials

Understanding the past is essential to making sense of the modern world.

Our course equips you with this knowledge and with a range of intellectual and personal skills. You’ll gain an awareness of how different societies across the world have changed over time, by studying areas such as Scottish, British, European, American and African history.

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Journalism Studies

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Journalism Studies combines all the elements of a good Arts degree with a marketable, career- orientated specialism. It  provides you with a broad academic grounding in the contextual knowledge, as well as the critical and practical skills, that will enable you to understand, analyse and produce journalism across a range of media – print, broadcast and online.

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Law: BA

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What are the advantages of studying law as a BA? Firstly, it means you develop even further the intellectual skills needed for what is a demanding yet rewarding subject. These include autonomy, determination, intellectual curiosity, clear thinking and concise expression. All are highly valuable, whatever profession you pursue.

Secondly, it’s also a chance to study a range of subjects reflecting the importance of law in all areas of society. For example, our Business Law BA enables you to develop a thorough understanding of the way law and regulation shape and influence the business world. Similarly the BA Law enables you to understand how law interacts with society.

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Law: LLB

Airthrey castle

The LLB is a specialist degree, covering all aspects of law. Our course - tailored to the Law Society of Scotland's requirements - is broad-based, intellectually challenging and rewarding. It’s available as an undergraduate degree and a two-year accelerated graduate degree. It can be either your first step towards becoming a lawyer, or - increasingly - a well rounded and prestigious degree with which to enter other fields.

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Modern Languages

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What is the significance of learning French and Spanish in our increasingly globalised world? How might the development of linguistic and intercultural skills allow students truly to become ‘global citizens’?

In today’s society, closer integration with speakers of modern European languages is becoming increasingly useful for careers and for forging links with other countries. With this course, you’ll be well qualified for careers in the arts, the media, government, journalism, tourism,  in human resources management and in many other fields.

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student drinking coffee

How are our minds related to our bodies? Could it be true that all our actions have causes and yet we’re also free agents, responsible for our lives and actions? What is knowledge (as distinct from merely true belief) and what can we really know – about the world around us, about other people, or about ourselves? How can we be confident we know what is right and wrong, just and unjust? And what would it take to live a morally good life?

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Our rich choice of courses will give you a rounded perspective on different political systems, ideologies and policies.

As you study, you develop the intellectual, communication and analytical skills employers value. Possible careers run from commerce and industry to the civil service, journalism, law and teaching – plus politics itself, in both research and representative capacities.

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Politics (International Politics)

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How do major international institutions, issues and ideas shape our societies? International Politics concerns issues of power, alliances, conflict and peace, trade, the role of NGOs and the notion of an international society.

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Politics, Philosophy and Economics: PPE

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Are you considering a career as a politician, civil servant or journalist? Keen to study both humanities and social sciences?

With roots in three separate disciplines, this is the course for you. It combines intellectual stimulation with understanding what makes the world tick and is the first degree of its kind in Scotland.

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There are two notably different images of ‘religion’ in public discourse. At Stirling we aim to raise [and perhaps answer] such questions in our courses in the modern history of India, Japan, the Middle East and other regions; in Gender Studies and Christianity; in European philosophy (Hegel, Feuerbach, Marx, Nietszche, Gramsci, the Frankfurt School, Foucault and Chomsky); and in theory and method in the study of religion.

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Scottish History

historical statue

Study of the Scottish past and identity is growing in popularity. The University and city of Stirling lie in the heart of a landscape steeped in the history of the Scottish nation. The Scottish History degree provides a challenging course, which seeks to explore the myths as well as the realities of Scotland’s history.

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Spanish and Latin American Studies

Spanish city

Our courses provide an in-depth study of the language and of the vibrant modern cultures of Spain and Latin America, as well as historical and social aspects of these. We offer courses both for beginners and for those with a prior background in Spanish. Language skills open a wide range of career opportunities in business, teaching, the civil service, academia or publishing. Teaching is led by a team of researchers with a wide range of specialist fields including film and cinema, anthropology, history  and literature of Spain and Latin America. These guarantee that the linguistic and cultural diversity of the studied countries is taken into account.

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