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Since 1969, Brig Newspaper has provided our students with a powerful voice. An independent publication made by and for students; the engaging news and views shared within its pages record the most turbulent and exciting events throughout our history.

Below you can read one full edition of Brig from each of the past five decades. Each edition is introduced by a snippet from the editorial.


Autumn 1969

"The first issue of any newspaper is bound to be something of an occasion, and even more so when the newspaper is answering some felt need. "Brig" is intended as the factor within the University which will give us our social cohesion, and at the same time be a vital catalyst in what we hope will be a whole new concept of University Social life..."

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Autumn 1977

"Stirling University's tenth Anniversary has been the occasion for a number of visits to our campus by the men of the press, ranging from the Daily Record right up to The Times itself. Without exception, they have run back to the presses ready to give Stirling a good crit. All that nasty business about the Queen's visit has been forgotten and now, they tell the world, Stirling is becoming A Good University..."

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Autumn 1987

"This first issue, through the work of everyone who has helped in the production and also through the various contributions, tries to present a vision of Stirling University, both as it is and and as it should be..."

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Spring 1997 

"Politics – it’s a strange thing. How many other jobs are there in existence where it is your duty to go on and on and on to the world’s media slagging off other people? To me this election has become for some parties, a contest to see exactly how many points you can score each day..."

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Autumn 2007

"Features and News this month look into the use and investment of the Pathfoot buildings and ASH, the difficulties of being a student from a single family and politics looks into how many of our peers have participated in the Faslane 365 protests..."


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