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The Vice-Chancellor's Fund is made possible by a generous personal contribution from the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Gerry McCormac. Since 2013, students and members of staff at the University have been awarded grants to fund projects with the aim of enhancing the student experience. For information on the latest projects supported, please see below.

Projects Description
Arts & Humanities Employability Film The aim of this project is to commission film students in the School to put together a short film where employers give short interviews, giving students the opportunity to network and learn more about employability within their area of study.
The Clansmen A grant was issued to the American Football Club to partially fund new cold weather capes for the team. 
Postgraduate Research Student Event

The Faculty of Social Sciences (formerly the School of Education and the School of Applied Social Sciences) were issued a joint grant to fund an event which will create a network of Stirling research students (face to face and online). 

Student Media Training Day The Students’ Union were awarded a grant to further support the development of student media on campus, galvanising the professional and modern service which it has become. A Student Media Training Day will continue to foster the high quality output and operation of Air3, AirTV and Brig. 
Women in Leadership The aim of this project is to fund a series of workshops focused on equipping female students with skills which will encourage them into leadership positions both within and outwith University, and also create an informed and inclusive students body on the issue of gender equality.
The Rock Society The Rock Society were awarded a grant to supply them with new equipment. 
All About the Activity Campaign 

The aim of this campaign is to encourage all Sport Union and club members to encourage and promote awareness of their behaviour outside the University.

The Fencing Club A grant was awarded to the Fencing Club to allow them to purchase new equipment for their expanding club.

 The Stirling University Computing Club were awarded a grant to partially fund a learning experience sponsored by Companies, where attendees create innovative projects and applications based around challenges issued by the sponsors. This event will be used to encourage more young women to enter STEM subjects.

Women's Lacrosse  The Women's Lacrosse team were awarded a grant to fund professional training for their members. 
Men's Lacrosse A grant was also awarded to the Men's Lacrosse team to allow them to purchase new equipment. 
Brig Culture Magazine Brig Culture magazine is a magazine pull-out from our main newspaper, with 'Culture' content including Music, Film, Arts, Food & Lifestyle. A grant was awarded to fund one print run of the magazine in the Autumn semester. 
University of Stirling Networking Events The Stirling University Business Club were awarded a grant to develop a series of networking events to engage alumni, academics, other university staff along with local business people, politicians and other relevant individuals. This would allow students to develop their networks, improve their employability and interpersonal skills.
The Curling Club The newly established Curling Club were awarded a grant to allow them to increase their members and establish themselves as a professional team.  
The Volunteering & Fundraising Project

The aim of this project is to raise awareness about the importance of volunteering and being able to assist local charities in Stirling and surrounding areas. Run by the Volunteering Society, the project will also seek to encourage and support students to volunteer.

Projects Description
Table Tennis Club - New Equipment

The award will be used for the purchase of equipment.

Hope for Futsal

The ‘Hope for Futsal’ project will involve going to schools and arranging futsal trainings and games for students in order to introduce them to the sport.

The award will be used towards running costs and a promotional video to attract sponsors and members.

Pool Table - Juniper Court Social Space

The award will allow the purchase of a quality pool table which will be located in Juniper Court.

Union Camera: Capturing the Student Experience

The money will be used to upgrade the Union’s camera equipment.

The Undergraduate Mile a Day

As part of the new 2016 curriculum SHS plan to introduce the Daily Mile concept to their students. The award will be used to promote the initiative.

Environmental Volunteer Development  

The award will go towards volunteer training costs, teambuilding opportunities and in-house workshops.

Believe in Your Public Speaking Skills But Never Stop Improving

This project aims to deliver workshops to develop and advance public speaking skills of postgraduate students by providing an opportunity to explore their confidence and self-image, and develop a number of essential techniques to significantly improve their public speaking skills.

Securing and Soundproofing the Practice Room

The award will be used to secure and soundproof the practice room in Airthrey cottage.

My Volunteering Award

The award will be used towards the launch of My Volunteering Award, an initiative to recognise student volunteers for their volunteering commitments. 

Stirling Language Immersion Project

The award will be used to boost intercultural communication and awareness by providing free language classes and organising events.

Basic Skills Cookery

The award will be used towards the costs of training volunteers to lead the cookery skills workshops which give students the confidence and skills to prepare healthy meals and educate them about efficient and sustainable ways of shopping and eating.

Growing our Garden

The award will go towards increasing the perennial plant cover in the garden and reducing the amount of maintenance and annual planting required.

Lunch with a Leader

‘Lunch with a Leader’ is a project aimed at facilitating connections between students and businesses, furthering understanding and awareness of entrepreneurship and enterprise.

The project will provide the opportunity each month for up to three students to have lunch with a local business leader.

Celebrating Student Success in Workplace' Awards Ceremony

The award will go towards a collaboration between the Career Development Centre and Students’ Union, creating an awards ceremony to celebrate student success in the workplace.

The awards ceremony will recognise students who have used their initiative in the workplace to improve themselves and their future employability.  These awards will also recognise local, national and global employer partnerships with University of Stirling staff in supporting and developing student employability.

Bikes Project 

The award will allow the acquisition of three club bikes, for use by club members in triathlons and recreational members in group rides.

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