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In 2012 we published our equality outcomes. The outcomes represent the areas that we regard as priorities for action and are accompanied by our equality outcome action plan. The equality outcomes we have set for ourselves are an important way in which we meet our statutory duties to the Equality Action, public sector equality duty and Scotland specific equality duties. Progress against our outcomes is monitored through biennial progress mainstream report and publishing biennial information on the gender pay gap.

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Equality Outcomes

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Our work on equality and diversity is led by the Equality Steering Group (ESG). The principal role of the Equality Steering Group (ESG) is to oversee and monitor the implementation of the University’s agreed strategy for equality and diversity (the Equality Outcomes) and the fulfilment of its statutory equality duties by the executive on behalf of Court.

The ESG is Chaired by a Deputy Principal, currently Professor Malcolm MacLeod, Deputy Principal (Operational Strategy and External Affairs). The ESG reports formally to the Joint Policy, Planning and Resources Committee (JPPRC), and meets at least once per semester.

Members of the ESG include:

  • Chair – a Deputy Principal
  • University Secretary
  • Director of HR and OD
  • Deputy Secretary
  • Head of Student Support Services
  • The President of the University of Stirling Students' Union
  • A senior academic with an interest and expertise in equality issues
  • Lead officer for equality

We take an integrated approach to promoting our equality outcomes, working across the institution. Each School and Service Area has a designated Equality Champion to take forward the equality and diversity agenda in their area. The Equality Champions together form the Equality Action Forum. The role of the forum is to drive forwards the equality agenda and to raise awareness and promote best practice in equality matters.

If you are interested in becoming an Equality Champion or contacting your champion please email equality@stir.ac.uk.

Everyone plays a part in promoting equality and diversity. There are many ways you can get involved in promoting equality and diversity at Stirling:


  • Take the equality and diversity training which all staff are required to undertake
  • Equality Impact Assessment training – staff involved in developing policies and procedures are recommended to undertake Equality Impact Assessment training
  • Unconscious Bias training – staff involved in recruitment and selection processes will benefit from this training


  • Equality Action Forum – find out about becoming an equality champion by emailing equality@stir.ac.uk

Bullying and Harassment Coordinator – if you’re interested in advising and supporting colleagues who may have an issue concerning bullying and harassment find out about becoming a coordinator by emailing equality@stir.ac.uk