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Part-time study

  • Who can apply?

    The part-time programmes are open to all.

    Applicants under 21 must meet the General Entrance requirements of the university, (full details available on application).

    Applicants over 21 do not necessarily require traditional entrance qualifications as we do judge all applications on an individual basis dependent on academic ability and work history.

    Entry to part-time undergraduate study is possible in September, February and June of each year.

    Applications should be made directly to the University and not through UCAS.

    For those applicants over 21 who need or wish a period of formal study prior to embarking on a degree programme, the University also offers a part-time Access to Degree Studies course.

    A full time Autumn Access programme over one semester is available for school or college leavers who just miss their conditional offer of entry to full time study. Details can be obtained from the Access Secretary, 01786 467946.

    Applicants to part-time study are encouraged to participate in a pre-semester Learning Strategies half module as preparation for the style of learning at University.

  • How Long Does It Take To Complete A Degree By Part-Time Study?

    Each part-time student proceeds at the pace that suits their individual circumstances. Many are completing an Ordinary degree in four years. In practice, the length of time taken will vary for each individual programme, depending on how many subjects are taken per semester, whether use is made of the Summer Academic Programme and on whether credit can be given for previous qualifications. However the regulations do state that an Ordinary Degree must be completed nine years from commencement and an Honours degree must be completed eleven years from commencement.

    The degree structure at Stirling allows for a very varied and flexible programme. In total you must acquire 360 credits within a combination of at least three subjects, and at different SCQF levels, over the course of your study to make up the requirements for an Ordinary degree.

    The basic unit of study has 20 points and this credit is obtained when one unit is successfully completed. 10 credit units can also be included up to a maximum of 40 credits. Part-time students can choose to study up to a maximum of 40 credits in any one semester

  • Do I Need To Enrol For A Full Degree?

    No - Part-time students can enrol for single units of study (on a stand alone basis - just mark this preference on your application form), or study a sequence of units. Early exit certificates are also available to those students not wishing to proceed to a degree.

  • Part-Time Day BA/BSc/BAcc Undergraduate Programmes

    Part-time students will join full-time students in undergraduate classes, with one unit of study generally requiring a minimum of three separate 1 hour sessions each week. Most subjects taught in the University to full-time undergraduate students are available, with each department specifying its own entrance requirement. Details of the full range of subjects are contained in the Undergraduate Prospectus. More information on specific subject units can also be found on the relevant departmental web pages.

  • Part-Time 'Top Up' Nursing Degree Programmes

    Evening 'Top-up' Degree Programmes are also available for qualified Nurses and Midwives. Further information is available from Student Recruitment and Admissions.

  • Further Information

    Entry to Part-Time study is available in September, February and July of each year.

    Full Tuition fee waivers are available for Part-time students on benefits or low incomes.

    Part time students may also apply for a Student Loan.

    All new Part-Time students are offered 'accredited Learning Strategies half units', prior to starting their undergraduate studies.

    Assessment methods: usually 50% coursework and 50% end of semester exam.

    For full details of availability, costs and admission for courses please contact:

    Student Recruitment and Admissions,
    University of Stirling,
    Stirling FK9 4LA

    Tel : 01786 467044
    Fax : 01786 466800 
    Email :

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