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New year 2, 3 or 4 direct entrant undergraduate students

The University's Induction webpage has information for all new students prior to their arrival and during their first few weeks. The page be accessed here

*Students should email Student Programmes from their student email account and include their student number, and then wait for a reply. Please email only once; duplicate emails cause confusion and errors.

  • I have completed module registration but I want to change modules. What next?

    As long as there have been no manual changes to your registration you should have the link 'Change Your Module Selection' on your portal home page, and can change your modules on-line. If you don't have that link you should email Student Programmes with the module name and code that you want to drop, and then provide a short list of module titles and codes in preference order that you would like to register for. We will amend your record manually, module space permitting. Before emailing Student Programmes you should check the timetable generator to ensure that there will be no clashes.

  • How do I know which modules I can choose from?

    You can see the list of valid modules in your degree programme table. Please take a look at your degree structure by clicking on the 'Degree Programme Tables' link on the portal. Pre-enrolment this is under the 'My Academic Links' tab, after enrolment, you can get to it from your 'Academic History and Module Results' screen.

  • Are there any modules that I cannot register for?

    As you are a direct entrant into year 2, 3 or 4, you will have exemption credit added to your record from previous study. The exemption credit can be viewed in your academic history page via the portal. You must not register for any modules which appear as exemption credit on your record.

    For example, a year 2 Sports Studies direct entrant student may have been given exemption credit for SPSU911 and SPSU912 (the year 1 core Sports Studies modules), therefore in year 2 you must not register for either of these two modules

  • How do I work out my timetable so that I know which classes to go to?

    Because of the flexibility offered in our degrees, students are not given an individual timetable, you need to work this out for yourself; you can use the 'Teaching Timetable Generator' link from the 'My Academic Links' tab on the portal, to get your lecture times but will not know your seminar times until you have signed up for these with the appropriate Schools towards the start of semester.

  • I have a timetable clash in the modules I have chosen. What do I do?

    If the clash is between lectures you should contact your module coordinators to see if a workaround can be agreed. If not you will need to select an alternative option module to remove the clash. Please follow the procedure outlined above for changing modules. If the clash is between seminar times you should contact the appropriate Faculty to change to an alternative seminar slot.

  • How do I find out who is the module coordinator?

    Use the module lookup function in the Degree Programme Tables. If no-one is listed, please contact the faculty office.

  • When will I see my modules on Canvas?

    Year 2 - Assuming all enrolment tasks are completed and you have collected your ID card: From Monday 5th September.

    Years 3 and 4 Assuming all enrolment tasks are completed and you have collected your ID card: From Tuesday 6th September.

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