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New year 1 undergraduate students

The University's Induction information has been designed to give all new students all the information needed prior to their start date and fo the first few weeks of semester. You can access the Induction information.

Students should send an email to Student Programmes from their student email account and include their student number, and then wait for a reply. Please email once - duplicate emails cause confusion and errors.

  • How do I complete module registration?

    You should click on the link & 'Module Registration' via the portal in the 'Programmes' section. The system will guide you through the process. There is also a guide available which can be opened to help you complete the process. The guide is a PDF document which can be found next to the 'Module Registration' link.

  • I have completed module registration but I want to change one of the modules

    Once you have submitted your choices if you are not happy with the option modules you have selected, you should click on the link 'Change Your Module Selection' via the portal in the 'Programme' section.'

  • How do I know which modules I can choose from?

    The system will bring up all the available modules that you can choose when you click on the 'Module Registration' link. You can also see the list of valid modules via the degree programme table at any time during your studies. Following enrolment you can view your degree structure, and the modules available in any semester, by clicking on the 'My Degree Programme Table' link on the left hand side of the portal (the grey buttons), or you can click on the 'Academic History and Module Results' link via the portal in the 'My…' section and then click on the blue 'Degree Programme Tables' link in the 'Programme Details' section. For students who have yet to enrol this information is under the 'My Academic Links' tab.

  • Are there any modules that I cannot register for?

    You can select any of the year 1 modules listed in the degree programme table for your degree.

  • How do I work out my timetable so that I know which classes to go to?

    Because of the flexibility offered in our degrees, students are not given an individual timetable, you need to work this out for yourself; you can use the 'Teaching Timetable Generator' link from the 'My Academic Links' tab on the portal, to get your lecture times but will not know your seminar times until you have signed up for these with the appropriate Faculties towards the start of semester.

  • When will I see my modules on Canvas?

    Canvas access will be activated for semester 1 students once you have completed enrolment and collected your ID card. As a semester 1 student you will pick up your ID card at your enrolment event on either Sunday 11th or Monday 12th September, so you will not get Canvas module access until later on the day you pick up your ID card

  • How do I sign up for my seminars?

    You should contact the relevant Faculty office directly for this information. Each Faculty registers students differently; sometimes it is done via Canvas, sometimes it is done at the first class etc.

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