Current theme

Evidence for Enhancement: Improving the Student Experience, 2017 – 2020

The new enhancement theme is Evidence for Enhancement: Improving the Student Experience, it was launched on 5 October 2017 and will run until 2020. Staff and students from all 19 Scottish higher education institutions attended the event in Glasgow, which explored how the Theme will operate.  Further details and analysis from the event are available on the Enhancement Theme site.

The University of Stirling has chosen to focus institutional activity in three key areas:

  • investigating and developing the use of learning analytics;
  • creation of a new approach to Personal Development Planning and an e-portfolio to support this; and
  • more effective use of evidence and data available for faculty and academic staff to improve student retention.

The University of Stirring institutional lead for the theme is Professor Alison Green and our student representative is Daniel Wright, VP Education at our Student Union.

For any enquiries regarding our approach to the Enhancement Themes or the current theme on Evidence for Enhancement: Improving the Student Experience please email   or for further information on the National approach subscribe to the Quality Enhancement News for regular updates and information on the new Theme from the QAA.

Previous Theme of Transition

The University of Stirling is committed to providing ‘one of the best student experiences in the UK’ with its strategic plan being clear in its commitment to support students throughout their learning journey and in placing students at the heart of learning and teaching. Student transition has therefore been identified as a priority within the university and there is a commitment to ensure that transition is facilitated and fully supported.

The opportunity, therefore, to develop and carry out a programme of work related to the QAA Enhancement Theme, ‘Student Transitions’ was timely and fully aligned with institutional priorities and identified student needs. This theme provided a framework to take these aspects of the student experience forward. The following working definition was adopted for the purposes of our work:

‘Transition’ refers to the process or period of adaptation and change, which a student experiences on their journey from the point of application, throughout their time at university and ultimately into employment.

In designing the institutional engagement with the current transition theme, the aim was to investigate key points in the student journey with a range of projects focusing on particular cohorts of students.

You can find out more about the outcomes of this work at the following site:

How to get involved

  • Explore and use the outcomes of the University of Stirling projects here
  • Get involved in transition/induction activities in your own Faculty or Service Area