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Staff FAQs

What is the role of the personal tutor?

  • To be the first point of contact for students seeking advice.
  • To undertake a pastoral role and to advise students of the relevant support services available to them.
  • To support students in maximising their student experience.

How will tutees be allocated to personal tutors?

The allocation of personal tutors will be carried out by the Faculty and it is the responsibility of the Faculty to ensure that all taught students are allocated a tutor. There will be central support provided to assist the allocation process.

Who will be responsible for the personal tutoring of exchange, occasional, Erasmus or part-time students?

There are three basic principles:

  1. Every taught student will have a personal tutor
  2. Every programme will be owned by one and only one School
  3. The Faculty owning the programme will be responsible for allocating students to a personal tutor.

The undergraduate regulations make the distinction clear between ‘qualification awarding’ versus ‘non-qualification awarding’ and make it clear that even those on non-qualification awarding study will be registered on a programme. In 2014/15 all visiting/non graduating students will be registered on the most appropriate ‘credit only’ programme and be owned by a School and allocated to a personal tutor.

Who will allocate my tutees and how will students on combined degree programmes be allocated a personal tutor?

The allocation process will be managed by the Faculty owning the programme and there will be a designated contact name for each School. School Managers will work together to manage the personal tutor allocations for students on combined degree programmes. Whilst the Faculty owning the programme is responsible for ensuring a personal tutor is allocated, that personal tutor may be from the other School contributing to the combined degree.

When will I know how many students I have been allocated and who will tell me?

Software has been made available to Schools to allocate continuing students this summer. First year allocations will take place later from 3 September 2014. Your designated contact for the Faculty will make sure that you are advised. A revised option on the Portal will be available for a personal tutor to list their tutees and to access each tutee's record; 'new' will be displayed in the portal when a new tutee has been allocated.

Will training be provided for Personal Tutors?

Yes training will be provided and is scheduled to take place on 21 August 2014, Thursday 21st August, Tuesday 26th August, Monday 1st September and Wednesday 3rd September

This aims to be a rolling programme that will evolve out of the feedback that we collate and review from these first 4-day events.

Will there be supporting documentation for Personal Tutors?

Changes have been made to the calendar website and to the presentation of undergraduate degree programme tables to improve the accessibility and readability of degree programme tables for both staff and students. Further work is ongoing to embed links and consolidate the software and we would very much welcome any feedback whilst this is still evolving.

Supporting documentation produced by academic colleagues, support services and the Students’ Union will be available to support personal tutors.  These will be made available on the website in due course. A website has been developed to enhance the accessibility and completeness of information.

Has software been developed to support the personal tutoring process?

Yes, software has been made available to personal tutors and work is ongoing to develop the system.  The training scheduled in August and September will include a session on the software.

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