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A selection of FAQs have been developed for personal tutors relating to IT and can be accessed below. If you have any additional questions then please contact

Will there be more online resources for Personal Tutors?

The main focus for the development of online resources for PTs at this early stage is twofold: to provide a mechanism to allow Schools to assign tutees to the tutors in bulk and to provide enough information to the tutors to allow them to perform their role. All tutors will have the ability from the start of term to view lists of their tutees, contact those tutees individually or as a group and to view their tutees’ academic history. Phase two of the development will provide further resources.

How do I report a fault or make a suggestion about the system?

You should contact the Registry to ask for improvements or report faults (

What are the known bugs at present?

The list of tutees may include students who have left the university, a fix for this is currently under development. If you choose to email all of your tutees emails will not be sent to anyone who has left. The current page that lists all of your tutees also includes all of your research students. This is planned to change in phase two of the development. Students who are on leave of absence are not appearing in the system for bulk uploads. An interim solution allows students can be manually assigned a personal tutor.

Will it be possible for me to email groups of students?

Yes, you can send an email to all of your tutees. There is a link directly above the first student in your tutee list. You can copy in other people if required and you can add attachments.

What electronic resources are available to support my role as personal tutor?

Your portal provides a list of your tutees. From there you can send an individual or group email, you can export your tutees to Microsoft Excel. There is a link from each tutee’s record to the academic history page where you can view the student’s record in more detail.

How will I know if I have been allocated a new tutee?

At present there is no notification in place while we assign the first groups of tutees to you as this would result in many notifications. The intention is an in-year changes will be notified by email. 

Does the system allow me to reject the allocation of a tutee?

No it doesn’t. If you wish to reject a tutee you should contact your Divisional or School administrator.

Can the system record notes of my meetings?

This function is not available at present although it is being considered as a part of the second stage of the project.

How will my tutee know that I am their personal tutor?

An email will be sent to all new tutees automatically. Your tutees will also be able to see who their tutor is by following the link on their academic history on the portal.

Will there be an online file for my tutee allowing me to see correspondence?

No, there is not at present. All communication with your tutee will be by email. The student record system does have the facility to allow communication between staff and students but that facility is not currently available. It may be made available in future developments of the personal tutor systems.

Will i remain a tutee to a student who changes degree during the academic year?

At present you will still retain the tutee if the student changes to a degree programme within another school. As some students may change their programme several times during the year managing those changes within the academic year may become unduly burdensome. A review of tutees will take place at the end of each academic year.

Who can see my online interaction with my tutees? 

Only you can see the interaction as presently it is entirely by email. If you have given someone else permission to view your mail account they will also be able to see the emails. 

Can I see details of my tutee’s ARUAs?

You can see that a student has an ARUA but at present Personal tutors cannot see details of the ARUA. This is currently being reviewed.

When will phase two of the development be ready?

Phase two of the development should be ready and available from mid-September 2014.

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