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Section two: student registration and enrolment

Please refer to the  to see full details of student arrangements.

2.1 New Students Entering Semesters 1 and 3

Although there is no requirement for a student to meet with an adviser as part of the admissions or enrolment process, students may contact advisory teams for assistance. Schools have therefore been requested to make representatives of the advisory team available from Monday 15thSeptember 2014.

All new students should select their autumn 2014 modules online at by 5pm on Wednesday 10 September 2014. After this date any student who has not selected their modules will not be able to select online, and may have limited choices available to them. There is a user guide on the portal if students need more help with choosing modules.

Students will have already been allocated the modules which are mandatory for their named degree. They will then have to choose which other modules they wish to study to ensure they have sufficient credits; these choices must be ranked in order of preference. If a student is unclear as to which modules to select, please refer them to the semesteronemodulelist.pdf accessible on the induction site. This shows students what first-year subjects are available, but the responsibility for this choice remains with the student.

More information on module content can also be obtained through the Faculty induction sites which can be found here.

Advisers may agree to a change of intended degree but must inform the Student Programmes Team. Advisers may not agree a change of entry point i.e. entry to year 2, instead of year one, without the agreement of the Admissions Office.

If students have any problems completing the module selection registration they should contact the Student Programmes Team by email or by telephone.


Telephone: (01786) 466685.

After a student has completed module registration, he/she must then complete administrative enrolment via the University Portal. This facility is open from Thursday 28th August 2014 and should be completed before commencing studies. Once students have completed enrolment they will be issued with a student ID card. Details on how and when to collect their new Student ID card can be found here.

A student will not have access to Canvas until they have completed enrolment. Should a student require assistance with enrolment then they are invited to attend a supported enrolment event and details can be found here.

Any students who are having difficulty with carrying out administrative enrolment because of delays with their funding should contact the Income Office (2Z Cottrell Building, (01786) 467123 to make arrangements to enrol conditionally, rather than miss classes until the funding has been resolved.

Allocation of all semester 1 modules will be made centrally. Although best efforts are made to accommodate students' first choice of non-mandatory modules, this is not always possible due to class sizes. Final notification of the modules students have been allocated will be available on the portal from around noon on Friday 12th September 2014.

2.2 Semester 3 Starts (Year 2)

Students entering direct to semester 3 will normally need to do a mixture of semester 1 and semester 3 modules. All students admitted direct to semester 3, will be awarded 120 credits on entry.

Students entering semester 3 will select their modules for the full academic year.

Advisers should be aware of any particular subject specific requirements such as in Accountancy (where professional requirements are Business Studies, Economics and Law) or Education (where students are expected to take an appropriate second teaching subject). This list, however, is not exhaustive.

When discussing subject choices out with the entitlements, advisers should note any subject-specific requirements, such as language ability or the necessity for Higher English (or equivalent) for intending teachers. Full details are available in the Prospectus. Advisers should consult the degree program tables.

Semester 3 students may also have notional credit for a number of half modules (each worth 11 SCQF points) as a result of taking Continuing Studies/Other Academic Modules, prior to undergraduate admission. If a student has credit for a half, or one and a half, modules, they should be encouraged to take a further half module.

2.3 New Students Entering Directly into Semester 5 (Year 3)

Semester 5 students also complete module registration and administrative enrolment online, similar to the semester 1 and semester 3 starts and will select their modules for the full academic year. They then must collect their ID card on the first Sunday or Monday of semester. More information can be found on the Registry and Governance Services page.

Part-time students who do not attend in person to collect their ID card will have their card posted to their home address following their enrolment.

Students who have applied for an Honours programme will be awarded 240 credits on entry.

2.3.1 Types of Credit

Advisers should note that when reviewing the academic transcript of a semester 3 or semester 5 student their credits are generally made up of specific and notional credits. The proportion of specific to notional will vary, depending on the students' individual academic history, but it is expected that they will normally have sufficient specific credit to satisfy the progress requirements of their main subject.

2.4 January Entrants (previously February entrants)

Students who start their course in January will also complete module registration and administrative enrolment online, in the same way as the semester 3 starts. They will receive an email from the Student ServicesHub on how to collect their Student ID card.

Although the pattern of modules for January entrants can be more complex, as they start with semester 2 modules rather than semester 1, the online module selection process will guide them through their module selections.

Some students are admitted with credit, which is indicated in their central record. Admissions credits usually lead to them following the normal degree programme.

January entrants without admission credits could catch up by taking additional module. However, it is not recommended that they do this in their first semester. A maximum of 160 credits is permitted to be taken during an academic year. A maximum of 80 credits may be taken during one semester.

It will also help them catch up with the autumn-start students, making it possible to complete a 4 year Honours degree in 3.5 years, if the Summer Academic Programme is taken advantage of.

Additional fees may be due for additional modules taken above the norm of 120 credits per annum for full-time students.

2.5 Access Programme Entrants

The in-house Access Programme currently consists of a part-time year-long programme for adult learners who have been out of formal education for a minimum of three years.

All Access students who have completed the year-long part-time strand will have been awarded credit as a result of passing one or two Level 7 11-credit modules, coded ACP2**. This credit will show on their academic record and will count as notional credit towards their degree.

For further advice, contact Lyana Macinnes 01786 466142 in the Faculty of Social Sciences.

2.6 Returning Students' Registration and Enrolment

Returning undergraduate students will have been able to select modules online from 1 May (this facility will be unavailable in June and July and reopens again on 1 August) and then carry out administrative enrolment online via the student portal from 29th August. There is consequently no need for them to meet with an adviser. They should retain and reuse their student ID card from the previous year.

Although students may seek informed advice from the Faculty advisory teams when selecting modules for the next year, they remain responsible for their own programme. An incorrect programme may lead to complications that cannot be rectified at a later stage.Please remind students to consult degree programme tables can be consulted online through easy-to-use navigation.

The degree programme tables list Certificate, Diploma, Ordinary, Honours and Combined Honours requirements, and should be consulted for full details.

2.7 Postgraduate Taught Enrolment

Postgraduate taught students should carry out administrative enrolment, via the student Portal.

If students are offered a choice of modules, and are unsure about the selections to make, they are advised to wait until after the induction meeting with the Programme Director who will advise the correct module choices for the programme.

After the link has appeared, to register for their modules, they should log onto the student portal and click on the link for Academic Registration/Module Selection and follow the instructions. If this link does not appear on their screen, students should email advising on their module selections.

New postgraduate taught students should refer to the ID Card section on the Registry and Governance Services page for details of how to collect their ID cards.

Further information on the enrolment process for postgraduate taught students can be found here.

Any students who are having difficulty with carrying out administrative enrolment because of delays with their funding should contact the Income Office (2Z Cottrell Building, (01786) 467123 to make arrangements to enrol conditionally, rather than miss classes until the funding has been resolved.

The induction website provides students and staff with a lot of useful information and this can be found here.

2.8 Online Enrolment and Module Registration

Advisers should note that if they wish to permit a student to carry out module registration as part of a face-to-face meeting in their office, then the easiest way to do this is to start up an additional instance of the web browser (internet explorer) and allow the student to log in to the student portal. It is not necessary for staff to log off any software or indeed the network in order to do this.

The Student Programmes Team circulates the dates of online module registration to Heads of Schools each semester, and typically registration for the following semester opens on the 1 October and 1 May each year (or the closest working day should the date fall on a weekend).

Students starting or moving into semesters 1, 2, (year 1) select modules one semester at a time. Semester 2 modules are selected in October each year. Students starting or moving into semesters 3, 5 or 7 (years 2, 3 or 4) select modules for the whole year in May.

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