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Cross university networking, groups, communications

Yammer is Microsoft's social networking product for the office environment.  You can use it to connect and engage with staff throughout the university or you can choose to set up your own Yammer groups.  

Yammer is part of Office365 and has many similarities to MS Teams.  We recommend that Yammer is used for cross institutional, broad discussion groups.  It is a great way to interact with colleagues in different teams and to communicate with the whole staff community.  While it shares some functionality with Teams it is more useful for the broader discussions than for actually undertaking focussed team work.  

Yammer can be accessed while you are on and off campus from every device such as a laptop, PC, Mac, tablets and mobile phones.

Use Case

The University of Stirling's AURORA Group is currently using Yammer as an official workspace where members interact with each-other.

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