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All staff and students at the University of Stirling have access to, an online resource of training videos and tutorials for personal and professional development. Guide

Whether you're looking for a training course or a quick answer to a software problem, there are over 2,800 courses and 110,000 tutorials with new releases every week. Click on the link below for a quick 'how to' guide when using

Getting started is available to all staff and students at the University of Stirling. To access the online training materials, you can click here or access it directly through the Portal.

Access on the go with the free app now available on Android and Apple iOS.

With over 2,800 courses and 110,000 tutorials, there are plenty of videos to chose from! You can search for videos, create your own useful playlists and keep track of your viewing history. allows you to learn at your own pace - anytime, anywhere. 


  • Take tutorials to help with coursework, learn technology for your projects and build skills to boost your CV.

Teaching staff

  • You can provide tutorials to support your own courses and incorporate useful videos into Canvas.


  • Learn how to use the latest software to develop your knowledge and support your research. 

All staff

  • Use the courses to enhance your personal development, explore new technologies and boost your employability.

Researcher playlists

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