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Customer Service

Information Centre and Digital Skills

The Information Centre handles all enquiries on behalf of Information Services.  The team provides first and second line support to the University community in response to faults and service requests logged, making every effort to resolve the issue at the first point of enquiry.  An enquiry management system (UniDesk) is used to record and manage enquiries received, referring them to second or third line support teams when required.  The team also provides a range of face-to-face support, including a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) service. The team is responsible for the UniDesk Self-Service portal which aims to empower our staff and students by putting as much IT knowledge as possible into their hands. Self-service also allows staff and students to log and track their own calls and give us feedback.

The team also has a digital skills remit which includes, for example, educating our staff and students in the area of digital security and wellbeing.  We are also responsible for the running of the annual JISC Insights Surveys to gather feedback from staff and students on their use of university digital technology.  The survey analysis allows us to help determine the future direction of digital technology throughout the University.

Team manager: Trish Davey 

Library Operations and Service Development

The Library Operations and Service Development team will continue to operate a highly accessible academic library, ensuring optimum staffed opening times to reflect the academic year in line with the requirements of students and staff. The team will continue to support ever-increasing demand for document delivery services; and will play a critical role in developing the customer-service approach for IS.

Team manager: vacancy

Learning and Teaching Support

The  team brings together the librarians and digital learning developers to provide an integrated faculty liaison service. The team will provide a focused approach to developing and delivering services to faculties according to their specific requirements, whilst ensuring a consistency in approach. The team will facilitate improved communications and build upon relationships between faculties and Information Services in its widest sense.

Team manager: Derek Robertson

  • Team contact details
    Academic Liasion LibrarianFaculty

    Helen Beardsley

    S4, Lower Studies Corridor, University Library

    Arts and Humanities, excluding Law

    Clare Crowley

    S3, Lower Studies Corridor, University Library

    Social Sciences and Psychology

    Shirley Millar

    S5, Lower Studies Corridor, University Library


    Natural Sciences and Law

    Maya Jeffery

    S4, Lower Studies Corridor, University Library

    Health Sciences and Sports

    Alasdair Stewart

    S5, Lower Studies Corridor, University Library

    Stirling Management School

    To contact an academic liaison librarian please email

    Learning Technologist Faculty

    Derek Robertson

    S17, Lower Studies Corridor, University Library

    ext 7702

    Team Manager

    Steve Boulton

    S9, Lower Studies Corridor, University Library

    ext 6883

    Health Sciences and Sport

    Sarah Grayston, Lower Studies Corridor, University Library or A2 Pathfoot

    ext 6895 (ext 7522 on Wed)

    Mon, Wed, Fri: 7am - 1pm

    Tues, Thurs: 7am - 5.30pm

    Arts and Humanities

    Currently seconded to Academic Development on Wednesdays and Thursdays)

    John MacMillan

    S13, Lower Studies Corridor, University Library

    ext 6826

    Stirling Management School

    Louise McIntosh

    S13, Lower Studies Corridor, University Library

    ext 6879

    Social Sciences

    Ros Walker

    S9. Lower Studies Corridor, University Library

    ext 6873

    Natural Sciences

    Alison Giles and Kirsteen Young

    Information Centre

    University Library

    ext 7250

    General first line support for all e-learning enquiries at the Information Centre

Library and Archives Research Support

The Library and Archives Research Support team provides a tailored support service to the research community, in order to support the University’s ambitions to grow research income and activity. The team brings together existing staff and resources (including the University Archives, research data management, APCs, etc.) with additional support roles, enabling dedicated support and liaison activity which serves the research community. The team can help you with services such as Worktribe, the APC fund, Open Access, creating a data management plan with DMPOnline, STORRE and DataSTORRE; archives, research drive and bibliometrics. The team provides training and induction sessions as well as one-to-one support.

Team manager: Lisa Haddow

Library Collections Management

The Library Collections Management team will be responsible for administering the university library’s collections. The service encompasses the procurement (often through national agreements), description and maintenance of the library's books, journals, and electronic resources in support of the university's teaching and research. It includes metadata services relating to reading lists, the digital repository and the research data repository and administration of the Library’s Management System (LMS).

Manager: Colin Sinclair

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