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Business Applications and Integrations

Applications Development

The Applications Development team will be responsible for business software application design, development and integrations of new and existing software implementations. This service will provide the technical skills to address evolving business and technology challenges by enhancing and building applications tailored to meet the university’s business requirements.

Deployment and Support

The Deployment and Support team is responsible for establishing and managing the procedures to ensure the smooth transition between pre-production and live environments of business application deployment. In particular focusing on business application continuous improvement; system maintenance and support, database and application upgrades, patching and application infrastructure changes.

Project Management

The Project Management team will be responsible for project management services on large and complex IT projects emerging from across the IS Directorate.

Analytics Development

The Analytics Development team will, in due course, build on the success of the current BI team, expanding the range and volume of data available, including ‘big data’ and learner analytics, to support strategic decision making.