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Occupational health

NHS Fife is contracted to the University of Stirling to provide an occupational health service for the staff of the University, plus health screening and vaccinations for student nurses. Occupational Health provides an independent and confidential service and provides a range of services to detect, assess and help control the causes of occupational ill-health and to assist and support employees with health problems affecting their work capabilities. In discussion with your manager and/or HR you may be referred to occupational health, or you may also self-refer.

Pre-employment health screening

Some posts may require you to undergo health screening before starting work. This process involves the completion of a confidential health questionnaire to be returned to the occupational health team for screening. If the occupational health nurse or doctor needs further information regarding your health, you may be asked to take part in a telephone consultation or to attend an appointment for a discussion. This process is intended to confirm whether you meet any fitness standards which are essential requirements for the job as well as to identify any adjustments or support which your employer should consider providing to help overcome the effects of a disability or medical condition so that you are able to do the job effectively.

More information can be found in the FAQ's section.

Self referral

We can support you to help you to keep working (or where necessary to return to work) if you are suffering from mental or physical health problems (or have a disability) which is affecting your ability to do your job.  We can also advise and assist you if you think you may have a health problem caused or made worse by your work. If you self-refer your visit and anything you discuss will be strictly confidential.

You have direct access to the occupational health service, but remember that we are an occupational health service, not a general practice and therefore specialise in health problems affecting, or caused by, work. However we cannot issue prescriptions and you should see your GP for any other medical problem.

More information can be found in the FAQ's section.


We are able to arrange the provision of counselling support to University employees likely to benefit from such assistance in resolving problems with which they are faced. Referral for this form of support can be arranged if the matter is affecting, or is likely to affect, the employee’s attendance &/or performance at work, whether or not the underlying problem is thought to be connected with work. The service is entirely confidential and is provided off campus at times to suit the individual’s circumstances.

Prior to making a referral to this service occupational health staff will seek approval from HR, which funds the provision of counselling, but will NOT divulge any confidential details about the staff member in doing so.

Management referral process

In line with the University's Sickness Absence Management Policy and the University's duty of care to employees, Line Managers in consultation with HR&OD may request that an employee is assessed by the University's Occupational Health Service, so that appropriate occupational health advice can be given to the Line Manager and employee. Please note that employees can also ask their line manager to submit a management referral request to occupational health.

Should a member of staff require an assessment of their workstation, then the request should be submitted using a management referral form. The consultation takes the same form as a management referral, with a report being generated, using non-confidential information.

As is also the case for self-referrals, anything that is discussed will be strictly confidential but a report will be produced from this consultation. Please see FAQ's section for further information.

Download a copy of the Occupational Health Referral.

Health surveillance

Health surveillance involves procedures to monitor the health of people who are exposed at work to specific activities or substances that have the potential to harm their health. At the University of Stirling this can include hand-arm vibration screening, hearing tests, lung function tests and skin checks for certain groups of employees.

Travel immunisation and advice (work-related travel)

If you have to travel abroad for your work we can provide advice about vaccines and health care, providing you contact us well in advance of your trip.

Travel advice

Health promotion and education

We have a wide variety of up to date information leaflets and literature in the department for you to take away, so if there's something you'd like to know more about please drop in. If we don’t have the information you want we can usually tell you where to find it.

More information can be found in the links and advice section.

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