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Health care


Tel: 0800 111 4774
10% discount on all orders. Use the code ‘UNI10’ at the checkout.


Tel: (+44) 1744 582444

Medigo helps thousands of people each year travel abroad for healthcare and are offering 10% off any treatment at any one of their hundreds of listed clinics around the world. 

Available treatments range from dentistry to cardiology, from IVF to cosmetic treatments. 

Simply a find a suitable clinic using the search function and enter the code 'MEDIGO_10' on the inquiry form to ensure a 10% discount on any future treatment you decide to undergo. Inquiries are submitted totally free-of-charge. There is no deadline for this offer

The Chelsea Knee Clinic

Tel: 0203 494 4010

Contact by email

a 10% discount on private knee surgery carried out by one of the UK's leading knee surgeons, Sam Rajaratnam. 


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