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List of team members
Column 1 is title; column 2 is name hyperlinked as email address
Title Name
Executive Director HR and Organisation Development Karen Lawson
Director of HR Services Lesley Fraser
PA/Office Manager  Lesley McEwan
HR Services Manager (Employee Lifecycle Team)  Carrie Leask
Senior HR Coordinator  Sophie Hart
HR Coordinator  Carolyn Dewar 
Senior HR Coordinator  Leona Hollywood 
HR Coordinator Caitlin Jamieson
HR Coordinator Ellis Wilson
HR Administrator  Ria Struthers
HR Administrator Rachael Fenwick
Senior HR Advisor Lucy Gray
HR Coordinator Ana Garrido Melo
HR Coordinator Christina Lourenco
HR Coordinator Sarah Bennie
HR Services Manager (Systems and Data Team) Lauren Wilson
HR Systems & Data Analyst Chris McIntosh
HR Services Manager (Payroll and Pensions Team) Anne Price
Snr HR Coordinator (Payroll and Pensions Team)
Lucas Seixas Gadelha
Payroll Administrator  Catherine Martin 
Head of HR Partnering Jennifer Paton 
HR Partner Deborah Hagan
HR Partner Amy Gardiner
Organisation Development Partner Lorna Prince 
Communications and Engagement Lead Joanne McDermid

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HR and Organisation Development is based in the University's Cottrell Building.

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