Essential information on the University's Safety Policy, Safety arrangements and Emergency Procedures is contained within the booklets and links below. All staff must make a point of familiarizing themselves with this information.

COVID-19 risk assessment

A risk assessment must be completed before staff return to work on campus. It considers how to restrict Coronavirus (COVID-19) transmission in the workplace. It also identifies control measures to protect staff and others from infection.

Complete the risk assessment 

Risk assessment for the University of Stirling

A risk assessment has been undertaken by the University. This maps out what measures will be put in place to minimise the risk of transmission of Coronavirus to staff and students.

Return to campus guidance

The University has published guidance on measures adopted to ensure buildings and spaces can be used safely during the COVID-19 pandemic. These have been informed by the latest government and health and safety advice. This document is available as a PDF, though this will be published in an accessible format in accordance with legislation, in the coming weeks.

Safety Induction courses

Access a range of induction and training courses relevant to your role within the University. See all induction courses.

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