Our people

The strength of Stirling is its people. We recognise our ambitions for the future, set out in this Strategic Plan, can be achieved only through the collective will, passion and commitment demonstrated by our students and staff. By working together, we make it happen.

Fiona Sandford
Fiona Sandford Chair of the University Court
This Plan demonstrates to our stakeholders, the scale and impact of our ambition as an innovative, transformative and globally-connected University.
Our Strategic Plan signals the next stage in the realisation of our vision to be recognised across the world as a university that addresses the needs of society through innovative interdisciplinary research; learning and teaching of the highest quality; and by sharing our knowledge with the world.
Principal and Vice-Chancellor Professor Gerry McCormac
Professor Gerry McCormac Principal and Vice-Chancellor
Having the right people, with the right skills and attitude, is central to achieving our ambitions over the next five years.
At Stirling we take pride in providing education with a purpose and conducting research that makes a difference to society. Our aim is to unlock the full potential of our students and staff, so that they can use their knowledge and skills to shape the world in a positive way. Our ambitions for the future, set out in this Strategic Plan, can be achieved through our collective will, passion and commitment.
Eileen Schofield University Secretary
Our people are our most valuable asset and the contribution of staff is critical to our success.
The strength of Stirling is its people. We value ability and aim to retain and attract talented individuals and assist them in realising their full potential. The level of engagement and enthusiasm shown by our students, staff and members of the global university community in developing this Plan, gives us the confidence that together we will achieve our future ambitions.
Professor Linda Bauld Director of the Institute for Social Marketing
Preventing chronic disease is one of the main challenges of our age. I'm fortunate to lead a team conducting research that makes a positive difference to the health and well-being of our society.
My team conducts research that helps shape health policies to reduce the harm from alcohol and tobacco. We have generated evidence to inform key policies such as tobacco plain packaging and alcohol minimum unit pricing. Smoking and harmful use of alcohol are international challenges so we work with researchers, professionals and policy makers across the world. Collectively we are trying to find workable, innovative solutions to prevent health problems before they start.
Kathy McCabe University Librarian and Director of Information Services
By using the best technology, and creating readily accessible online spaces, we are helping transform study and working environments.
My area is helping to transform the way our staff and students connect with each other and the wider world. We increased JANET network connectivity which has enabled the University to embrace cloud technology. The introduction of high quality WiFi allows us to remain constantly connected to the network and has led to a significant increase in student engagement with our virtual learning environment. Our new Digital Strategy will set out how best to harness technology to transform the University into a modern, digitally capable and connected organisation.
James Dick Technical Manager, Institute of Aquaculture
I see the research we do on campus applied in the real world with transformative effects.
There is a diverse range of nationalities at the Institute of Aquaculture and the work we do collectively has a direct impact on the world. We are driven by industry needs and to see our work put into practice is very fulfilling. We find replacements to finite resources that benefit the rest of the world. Responsible for research grants totalling £1.9 million, the support I give ensures these awards are completed successfully. It’s thrilling to see former students return to the University, develop their careers and work with them as they make breakthroughs. This an exciting time for the University and the aquaculture industry. It’s rewarding to be a part of that.
Maria Cid Castilla.jpg
Maria Cid Castilla Internationalisation Manager
In helping our mix of international students to achieve their full potential, I am contributing to making our campus a rich, global learning and teaching environment.
I am responsible for the development and management of short-term study programmes for international students. I believe Stirling is a unique place to study and I am passionate about offering our students the best possible experience – from pre-arrival to post-study- and helping them to achieve their full potential. With over 120 nationalities on campus, it is a fantastically diverse and vibrant community of cultures and languages. Students often tell me that their experience here transforms their lives.
Dr Catherine Mills Director of the Centre for Environment, History and Policy
A creative environment stimulates creative thinking and can inspire a whole community.
I have two passions in my working life – public engagement and interdisciplinary research and teaching. As the Director of the Centre for Environment, History and Policy (CEHP), I have the opportunity to do both. Working collaboratively with several local organisations I am strengthening links with the University and increasing public participation in art projects. A particular focus for me is building our relationship with local primary schools and helping to inform and influence programme and curriculum development for school children.
Liam Spillane Director of Commercial Services
Providing a high-quality student experience is at the heart of what we do – by diversifying and growing our income streams, we can achieve even more.
I am focussed on positioning Stirling as a venue of choice for students, businesses and visitors. Working in partnership with organisations, such as Visit Scotland, is crucial to bringing global conferences to our campus and helps to place Stirling on the business map. My team works incredibly hard to showcase all Stirling Venues facilities, including our hotel, conference facilities and student accommodation. When we meet our targets, we’re helping to generate additional income for reinvestment in high-quality facilities and services for our students –and that’s a big motivation for my team.
Lewis Matthews
Lewis Mathews Senior Maintenance Manager
Our CHP facility is reducing the University’s annual carbon emissions by around 2,800 tonnes – that’s enough CO2 to fill 3,000 hot air balloons!
We are committed to being a responsible and sustainable organisation. The introduction of our Combined Heat and Power Plant (CHP), has reduced the University’s carbon footprint by around 2,800 tonnes per year, and generated an annual reduction in utility costs of over £500,000. This innovative project was one of only three major carbon-reduction schemes funded by the Scottish Funding Council.
Kerry Bryson Director of Development and External Affairs
My role is all about developing and nurturing relationships that connect the global University community—past, present and future—to generate income and unlock international opportunities for future growth.
Deciding where and what to study is one of the biggest decisions in your life. I lead professional teams that attract and welcome students to Stirling; support international collaborations and exchanges; and engage with graduates on the mutual benefits of staying in touch after graduation.  Students may be here for a short time but they are alumni forever. Our alumni, spread over 150 countries, mentor students on the skills that employers need and generously donate to projects designed to ensure that students make the most of their student experience. As we approach our 50th anniversary I hope to galvanise inspirational people to do exceptional things for our institution to ensure the University of Stirling’s place on the world stage is assured for the next fifty years.
Valerie Wardlaw Cleaner
I am creating a lovely, clean and comfortable working environment for all students and staff.
I love my job. I have worked as a cleaner at the University for 23 years. I feel I am contributing to creating a lovely, clean and comfortable working environment for all students and staff.
Jane Cameron Curator of the University Art Collection
A creative environment stimulates creative thinking and can inspire a whole community.
We work to make knowledge visible. My focus as curator of the Art Collection is making art and culture a part of everyday life for staff, students and visitors; enabling exchanges between art, research and teaching. I do this through an active programme of events that improves access to art and inspires people to engage with it. They tell me that it enriches their lives. The tours, workshops, exhibitions and lectures attract visitors to the campus and deepen our connections with the wider community. The art collection welcomes everyone into a creative environment, where creative thinking and innovative, creative acts are at the heart of our identity as a place of learning.
Robert Morrison Web Developer
By using the best technology, and creating readily accessible online spaces, we are helping transform study and working environments.
As a Web Developer I work closely with our web-editors across the University’s Faculties and Directorates. Building on the core technologies provided by Information Services, my job in the Communications and Marketing team is to create the templates, structures and styles that define the University’s online presence – creating the shop window, if you like. By implementing these building-blocks effectively, we are connecting with a worldwide audience. It’s particularly rewarding to know we are consistently helping to improve the experience for all who visit our site.
Pamela Crawford Joint Head of Careers and Employability
It’s great to see our students develop the confidence, skills and experience to succeed in the graduate market.
I work closely with students, staff and employers to build Stirling’s capacity and reputation for helping our students achieve life long career management skills and success. This means supporting students to gain the right employability skills, developing these and engaging with those employers who interest and inspire them. I want to empower our students to make the most of their time at University — to develop confidence in their abilities and aspirations. Influencing positive change in students’ lives and seeing them take meaningful strides in their career development is what I love about my job.
John Rogers
John Rogers Director of Research and Enterprise
Finding new ways to connect with businesses and colleges ensures we produce skilled graduates who are ready for the future world of work.
By working in partnership with businesses and other institutions to develop innovative courses in response to current and future demands of employers, we are better equipping our graduates with the skills they need in the global workplace. Through our strong links with Forth Valley College and connections to employers, we have established integrated degree programmes which are producing skilled graduates in the digital, heritage, creative and life science sectors. Our Innovation Park is a major conduit for business and enterprise. Developing distinctive initiatives and opportunities like these requires us to use innovation and creativity every day – and is great fun!
Dr Markus Kittler Programme Director
I work in close collaboration with students and colleagues to develop and shape our academic programmes.
As Programme Director I am determined to create a positive, transformative learning experience for students. By working in collaboration with colleagues, employers and with students, we shape programmes which help our learners to become critical and creative individuals. Students play an important role in that development - their feedback is crucial in shaping our programme delivery. I feel extremely humbled that my work is recognised by students and their nominations have led me to winning a number of RATE Awards.
Jill Stevenson Head of Student Support Services
We are transforming our services to students and creating an integrated and holistic model of student support.
As Head of Student Support Services I am responsible for ensuring our students are supported throughout their time at University. I recognise that support comes in many different forms which is why my team is working in collaboration with colleagues across the university to create a new student hub for student support and services. I love the opportunity to make transformative changes which deliver real tangible benefits. In creating this new integrated service, I believe we will be able to offer an optimised and premium service for all our students resulting in a far greater student experience. Through our work we are empowering students to achieve their potential, creating life skills which will help them to achieve their academic goals but also assist greatly for life beyond university.
Guy Hickman Head of Estate Development
I maximise the energy efficiency opportunities of our campus, whilst creating a pleasant and more efficient working and learning space.
Maximising sustainability and effectiveness is critical and should be embedded in all our processes. I always endeavour to maximise the energy efficiency opportunities which our campus offers for example utilising the centralised heating system , regular energy monitoring and using efficient building management technology. I love the challenge of being able to work on a wide range of projects. The prospect of helping to shape a campus which is led by a strong strategic objective, whilst creating pleasant and more efficient learning and working spaces, is what constantly excites me the most about my role.
Professor David Bell Professor of Economics
The interdisciplinary work we are doing is shaping Government policy and helping Scotland’s ageing population.
Helping shape Government policy and position the University as a credible authority in the UK is work that I am very proud to do. Working collaboratively with colleagues on a study into our elderly population, which will inform future improvements to wellbeing and improve our understanding of the implications of an aging population shows the transformative change we can effect together — it’s what brings me to Stirling every day.
Corrie Campbell Communications Officer
I help uncover and tell the story of our world-changing work, ensuring it reaches our stakeholders.
I communicate the University’s key messages and successes to all of our internal and external audiences. From prospective and current students to policy makers and the public, it’s my job to connect with the staff and student body, uncover the world-changing work taking place and ensure it reaches the ears and eyes of our stakeholders in a way that’s accessible and engaging. What excites me is the ambition of the University. It’s great to join the community at a time when we’re embarking on such a progressive, outward looking plan for the future.
Dr Naomi Brooks Lecturer in Health and Exercise Sciences
My research examines whether something as simple as a daily walk in the playground makes an impact on children’s physical and mental well-being.
I am passionate about improving the health of the community. My work with local providers helps me look at physical activity and exercise levels in the community and enables me to evaluate programmes already in place. Working with local schools on the Daily Mile project has been a particularly fulfilling and rewarding experience. There are many reported anecdotal benefits of the Daily Mile; we are now investigating scientifically, whether something as simple as a daily walk or run can make a difference to the physical well-being and concentration levels of children in the classroom.
Ross Hunter Student Immigration Manager
I get a lot of satisfaction seeing students who might have struggled with the visa process finish their course and progress with their career.
My work supports international students and their families throughout the student journey. My team helps to guide international students through the visa application process before they arrive in the UK and provide support if they decide to stay and work in the UK at the end of their course. The University has a licence to sponsor international students. It is my responsibility to ensure we continue to meet our obligations as a sponsor. I have to be connected to external partners such as UK Visas & Immigration - ensuring any changes to immigration policy are implemented correctly. This connection enables me to inform our international students of changes that may affect their immigration status. I get a lot of satisfaction seeing students who might have struggled with the visa process at the start, finish their course and progress onto new courses or into employment.
Joanne McManus Head of Accommodation Services
No matter who stays with us I want them to leave feeling they have had a great experience.
My team creates a comfortable, safe and vibrant living environment for our students. More than just bricks and mortar, where our students live plays a major role in how they feel about Stirling and helps them develop a sense of belonging. I love working with a team that really cares about our students, working in a variety of ways to contribute to their experience- right from the pre-applicant stage. When the students are away, we operate as a busy accommodation provider, making the most of the University’s assets.
Jeff Vuolo Procurement Officer
I help to identify and procure the most appropriate services, resources and equipment, to support the learning and working environment.
Managing tender processes allows the University to evolve, expand and contribute to social economic growth, while achieving compliance and value for money. My role involves working in close collaboration with internal and external partners to coordinate the various tender processes and ensure the University remains compliant. I work with staff from across all Faculties and Directorates. This is an aspect of my job that I thoroughly enjoy as I am connecting with the whole University and have a good knowledge base of what is going on. I help the University to identify the most appropriate people, skills, external resources and equipment that will help to provide the best and most adapted learning and working environment for students and staff. Having the visibility and connection with the whole University allows me to have a better understanding of the various University activities and gives me a sense of being part of a very lively and active environment.
Eileen Iggo Nursery Gardener
I am helping to make our campus beautiful and creating a tranquil environment for all our students, staff and visitors.
As one of the University gardeners I am helping to create more agreeable green spaces for everyone to enjoy. I feel my work is having a direct impact on making the campus a pleasant and tranquil environment for staff and students. It is an honour to also have my floral creations form part of the display at prestigious events such as the graduation ceremonies. I work collaboratively internally with different parts of the University when they have different flora requirements. An important part of my work is also in assisting research students with their experiments including spraying pesticides, mixing compost and advising on plant problems. I love the variety of my role and I get a great deal of satisfaction knowing that I am transforming areas and event venues by making them look good for everyone to enjoy. This gives me job satisfaction.
Bertha Banda Student Recruitment Officer
I help to bring students from across the world to study at our beautiful campus and to seize the time they have here.
I recruit students to Stirling from across Africa and the Middle East including Saudi Arabia, Ghana and Kenya. I work closely with international agents to make sure Stirling is the student’s first choice and a study destination to advance their learning and life experience. The University forms a big part of an international student’s life during their study period—whether that’s four years or one. I enjoy talking to students about the course options and extracurricular opportunities open to them here. I’m excited by the University’s mission statement to transform the lives of students, staff and wider society.
Karen Lawson Head of HR Services and Systems
My team is helping to build a culture of continuous improvement and creating an environment where all staff feel valued for their contribution.
I lead the HR Services and Systems team. We are looking to transform our service delivery, processes and, crucially, the way we connect with staff. By collaborating, and improving our interactions, we are developing innovative new ways of working and creating a culture of continuous improvement. We are ensuring our processes are efficient, easy to navigate and align with the Strategic Plan objectives whilst creating a working environment where all staff feel valued for their contribution. Despite us being a relatively small University, we are very ambitious which is exciting in terms of the future possibilities and challenges.
Professor Herve Migaud Director of Research, Institute of Aquaculture
My work combines the strength of academic and industry expertise. Together we are addressing sustainability problems on a global scale.
My work connects the University with leading organisations in the Aquaculture sector to develop innovative projects that drive economic growth. I lead several high-profile research projects totalling £6.6 million. By collaborating with industry on a large scale we can find innovative and practical solutions to problems which affect worldwide sustainability and food supply problems, while boosting our research profile. Working collectively with the Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre, Marine Harvest Scotland, Scottish Sea Farms and Biomar, we are helping to solve bottlenecks which are limiting salmon productivity.
Lynne Black Faculty Assistant
I am keeping Faculty staff informed by ensuring they get the right information when they need it.
In my role I am helping to keep Faculty staff informed by ensuring they get the right information when they need it. Sharing our staff and student successes internally and externally is also a big part of my role and one which is a great privilege. The Faculty receives a diverse range of internal and external enquiries and I work in collaboration with staff across the University to ensure that all enquiries are responded to, this keeps me very busy! I love the variety of my role. I have a background in both communication studies and secretarial work, so I’m very lucky to have a job which draws on both skillsets. I feel I am trusted to get on with it too, which is rewarding.
Elizabeth Robertson Faculty Manager
I am driving change that will transform our learning and teaching environment and make our Faculty more dynamic and innovative.
I provide professional management advice to the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. I also help to support the strategic development, delivery of business activity and operational effectiveness of the Faculty. My job is not boring, it changes every day and constantly presents new challenges but this is what I enjoy most. I love the diversity of my role and being able to interact with so many staff and students. I feel I belong to, and play a major role in, supporting our university community. I am involved in developing Faculty learning and teaching strategies to transform the learning and teaching we provide. Improving our student feedback mechanisms is another critical activity which I am engaged with. This work will undoubtedly lead to an enhanced student experience and offer new challenges and development opportunities for our academic community.
Alban Dickson Student Activities and Volunteer Coordinator
I promote participation in co-curricular activities, helping our students to access new experiences and skills.
My role is to help students make the most from their time at University. I support all the clubs and societies within the Students' Union and help promote student participation in co-curricular activities. A key part of my job is getting our students involved in volunteering activities to help them access new experiences, develop their skills and realise their potential.
Lauren Wilson Research Systems Manager
By developing new ways to do things I give researchers the cutting-edge tools that will help them to succeed.
It’s a passion of mine to work with technology. I do this every day, developing new systems to manage and record the world-changing research that’s carried out at Stirling. I work with academic and professional services colleagues to understand and analyse their requirements and create a seamless system. By imagining and developing new and better ways of doing things, I can ensure the University is able to meet its ambitious and exciting research impact and income targets. It’s inspiring to be able to feed into this culture of ambition.
Laurelin van der Molen Environmental Projects Co-ordinator, Students’ Union
Running the Union’s environmental hub means I am contributing to helping the Students' Union reduce waste and energy consumption.
I run the Union’s environmental hub: the Green and Blue Space. From here we deliver the Union’s environmental projects around waste and energy-use reduction and facilitate sustainable and environmental student activity. We have a community garden on campus which is managed by students and shared with the local community. We grow everything using organic methods. I work with a wonderful team of volunteers, the Union, University, and a variety of external partners to build a sustainable community.
Professor Alison Bowes Dean of Faculty of Social Sciences
The interdisciplinary work we are doing is shaping Government policy and helping Scotland’s ageing population.
My team’s research aims to improve experiences of living longer, to ensure that older people’s contribution to our society is valued and that the benefits of longevity for our society are fully realised. Improving care and support in older age is one element of this, along with understanding how to share the benefits of healthy and active ageing. Our interdisciplinary approach brings together complementary skills and knowledge which enable us to conduct research which really makes a difference to life for individuals, families and communities. We’re all ageing all the time: this is research that matters for everyone.
Ben Young
Ben Young Marketing Officer
A fulfilling part of my role is knowing that I might have made an impact on someone’s life, by influencing their decision to come here.
I like to think that the work that I do to promote the Faculty, and its courses, is helping us to reach a wide and varied group of prospective students. I work with in collaboration with academic colleagues to ensure that our programmes are appealing. I then develop promotional material to attract the brightest minds locally and internationally. I am embracing and utilising new digital channels and technologies to attract the best candidates to Stirling. I am fully aware that my marketing activity could create the first impression of a prospective student, so getting it right is crucial.
Eileen Schofield in the University Library
Our people are our most valuable asset and the contribution of staff is critical to our success. Eileen Schofield Eileen Schofield University Secretary More case studies
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