Professor Jayne Donaldson

Court Membership: Academic Council Representative 2015

Professor Jayne Donaldson

Professor Jayne Donaldson is a Registered Nurse and Registered Nurse Teacher, and has worked in Higher Education since 1998. Jayne is the Dean of Faculty of Health Sciences and Sport.

Jayne has a keen interest in the quality of patient experience within healthcare, and related health outcomes. Creating the best learning environment possible for students in the Faculty is one of her key areas of focus as Dean.

Research that is real-world and relevant to making a difference to people’s lives is another key component of her role. Jayne’s recent research work in 2019 evaluating a new clinical response model within the Scottish Ambulance Service, revealed an improvement in survival rates for people with immediate life-threatening conditions. Current research includes the comparison of two biopsy techniques used in the diagnosis of prostate cancer.

Jayne is also a member of the Executive Group of SISCC (Scottish Improvement Science Collaborating Centre at the University of Dundee), and has recently published work on the evaluation of a MOOC (massive open online course) in compassionate care.

Jayne is an active member of the Council of Deans Scotland and UK.

Qualifications/Professional Designations: PhD, MN, BN, RN, RNT, PGCEHE, PGCEBOE

Other University Committees:

  • Academic Council from 2015
  • Academic Advancement and Promotions 2014-2017
  • Student Disciplinary Hearings from 2018