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Maggie Roderick

Court membership: Lay member 2016

Maggie Roderick

Maggie Roderick is a Church of Scotland minister, whose last Charge was in Menstrie Parish Church, bringing her to live and work near the University. She was ordained as a Church of Scotland minister in 2010, having gained her BD from the University of St Andrews.

Maggie’s previous career was in local government, initially in the Careers Service and then the Trading Standards Service, where she worked in a variety of local authorities in England and Scotland. Whilst at the University of Stirling in the 1970s, Maggie found a passion for social justice and involvement, being on the Council of the Students’ Association. Within her working life, she was immersed in her professional Institute, CTSI, being elected Chairman in 2002. She was also the Lead Officer for environmental matters for many years, working alongside external agencies, such as Defra, BSI and the Energy Savings Trust. As the Office of Fair Trading’s Representative in Scotland, Maggie liaised with the legal, business, consumer and regulatory professions throughout Scotland.

Maggie served on the Scottish Committee of EnergyWatch, has been a volunteer for the local food bank and prison visitor centre. She is a one of the Alumni Ambassadors at the University of Stirling.

Qualifications/Professional Designations:

BA (Stirling), BD (St Andrews), DipCG (Strathclyde),  DTS, DCA, FCTSI, FRSA

Other University Committees:

  • Audit Committee 2016
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