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Chloe Whyte

Students’ Union President 2019

Chloe Whyte

Chloe Whyte is the President of Stirling University’s Student Union. Her role involves representing the overall needs of students at Stirling, as the main point of contact between the Students’ Union and University, with a focus on increasing engagement amongst underrepresented groups on campus.

Since being elected Union President following a by-election in 2019, Chloe has worked with students to promote the work of the Students’ Union Equalities Zone, improve the methods in which students commute to campus through creating a dialogue between students and local travel providers, and amend the Students’ Union Constitution to remain inclusive, accessible and up-to-date as part of the regular review process.

Chloe has a detailed background in youth work and student politics, as a former Member of the Scottish Youth Parliament and current Charity Trustee of Action for Local Youth Voice Empowerment UK (ALYVE).

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