Professor Alison Bowes

Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences

Professor Alison Bowes

Alison Bowes holds BA and PhD degrees in Social Anthropology from the University of Durham. After teaching Anthropology at Durham, she came to the University of Stirling in 1977 as a Lecturer in Sociology, becoming Professor in 2001. She was previously Head of the Department of Applied Social Science from 1999 to 2004 and held the Chair in Dementia Research from 2008 to 2011.

Her research interests concern population ageing and its consequences, especially in relation to provision of social care services. Her work has focused on socially excluded groups including minority ethnic groups and people with dementia. She has particular expertise in qualitative research methods, and a commitment to applied, multi method, interdisciplinary research.

Recent work has covered non-pharmacological interventions for older people with care needs and people with dementia, such as telecare, physical activity and ‘brain-training’. The research aims to identify ways of improving care and support, and hence, quality of life.


The Dean of Faculty is the senior academic officer of the Faculty, responsible for all aspects of its academic performance. The Head is the accountable manager of all staff within their Faculty, and as such is responsible for the effective management of staff and their performance and for the discharge of all responsibilities and duties devolved to the Faculty. The role is supported by a Faculty Manager who is the primary support role within the Faculty.

The Dean of Faculty contributes to the effective management of the University and represents their Faculty both within and outside the University. They are responsible for effective communications with staff within their Faculty and promote and execute institutional strategies and plans.


Professor Alison Bowes