Why be a mentor?

We recognise that since leaving the University of Stirling you’ve grown personally and professionally, gaining valuable skills, knowledge and experience. Today’s graduates are facing tougher competition than ever in the jobs market, and your guidance can give them the edge as they transition into their professional lives. Mentorship allows you to:

  • Be recognised for your skills, knowledge and experience
  • Develop your leadership and coaching skills as part of your CPD
  • Gain fresh perspectives from the next generation of outstanding members of your field and identify emerging talent
  • Experience the satisfaction of helping a student or fellow alumni with their career navigation
  • Give the advice you wish you had received at uni!

Do I need to be a mentor to use The Stirling Network?

The decision to sign up as a mentor or mentee is entirely yours – The Stirling Network provides a number of services and opportunities, with mentorship only being one part of this. You are in control of your account on The Stirling Network and you can customise your settings to make sure you are available for the interactions that suit you best. These preferences can be easily changed at any time to fit your needs and availability.

Further information

Contact us

Please contact us for technical support and issues related to account approval and content on The Stirling Network.