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The Stirling Network:
Develop your career

Develop your career. Share your experiences. Guide the next generation.

The Stirling Network is a global network where students, alumni, staff and friends of the University can share knowledge.

Why is The Stirling Network different?

We're different from other social media channels, including LinkedIn, because we provide our global community with a platform to help each other take advantage of the goodwill of the Stirling family. Find CPD, opportunities to support the next generation, the latest research, event updates and the chance to reconnect with lost friends all in one location.

Why join our network?

  • Access lifelong learning and CPD support
  • Build your network by engaging with fellow Stirling alumni in your profession
  • Share your experience and provide mentorship to students and fellow alumni
  • Benefit from peer-to-peer mentorship and the advice of alumni at all career stages
  • Engage in discussion groups for your sector or profession
  • Crack open the hidden jobs market

The benefits of mentoring

  • An opportunity to reflect on your own practice and career journey
  • Understand the next generation of professionals to enter your field
  • Develop your leadership and coaching style
  • Have your experience and knowledge valued

Contact us

Please contact us for technical support and issues related to account approval and content on The Stirling Network.