Community Archaeology Project

Help uncover the lost history of Scotland

A community archaeology project seeks support to unearth one of Scotland’s most enigmatic secrets: the quest to find a Charterhouse and the three royal tombs of James I, his wife Queen Joan, and that of Margaret Tudor, consort to James IV and sister of Henry VIII. Find out more about this project on the James I King of Scotland website.

James I King of Scotland community archaeology project image

Perth was a hub for medieval Scotland: a royal residence; the seat of government; a thriving centre of international trade; and home of a magnificent Carthusian monastery, the Charterhouse.   Perth’s destiny changed forever with the bloody assassination of James I by regicides: Sir Robert Graham and Walter Stewart, Earl of Atholl.  Then, during the Reformation, the Charterhouse was plundered and destroyed and over time the tombs forgotten.

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The next stage is to raise funds for a specialist Ground Penetrating Radar system to pinpoint the exact location of the buried Charterhouse. We are hoping to contribute to planned exhibits in the new City Hall museum.