MSc Behavioural Science for Management

Welcome to the MSc Behavioural Science for Management course.

Dr David Comerford, the Course Director for the MSc Behavioural Science for Management looks forward to meeting you when you arrive at the University of Stirling to start your MSc course.

Welcome activities for students starting in October 2020
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Stirling Management School welcome meeting

You are invited to attend the School-wide welcome meeting, where you will be introduced to the School's staff and one another. We look forward to seeing you all there.

Monday 12 October 2020, 10:00 To join this online session, please visit the Flying Start Leadership Programme Canvas page

Welcome to your course

Our Programme Director, David Comerford, will introduce you to your selected Course. During this session, as well as learning what your programme entails, you will also be given information about being a member of the Stirling Management School community and the Support Services available to you as a member of the University.

Monday 12th October 2020, between 3:00pm and 5:00pm


Flying Start Leadership programme

Your  will take place during the week commencing 12 October. Your individual schedule will be available to you shortly, but in the meantime, please visit the Flying Start Leadership Canvas page for more information and start interacting with your fellow classmates.

Week commencing 12 October 2020 Online

Got a question? 

If you have any questions about the course, please contact the Programme Administrator who will be happy to answer any questions or queries you may have.

+44 (0) 1786 467356

Course director

Dr David Comerford

Reading list for students starting in October 2020

The information given below is meant to be only tentative and representative. The actual reading list for each module will be provided in the respective module outline which will be available at the beginning of the semester. Please do not buy your text books prior to arrival, as these are subject to change.

BSMP001: Behavioural Economics 1 – Concepts and Theories

There is no core textbook for this module though all of the books below provide useful background reading:

  1. Camerer, Loewenstein & Rabin (2004) Advances in Behavioral Economics
  2. Frey & Stutzer (2007), Economics and Psychology: A Promising New Cross-Disciplinary Field
  3. Loewenstein (2007), Exotic Preferences: Behavioral Economics and Human Motivation
  4. Shafir (2013), The Behavioral Foundations of Public Policy
  5. Angner (2012), A Course in Behavioural Economics
  6. Wilkinson & Klaes (2012) An Introduction to Behavioural Economics
  7. Varian (2008), Intermediate Microeconomics

BSMP002: Psychology of Work

Introductory reading and preparatory work: 

CIPD (2014). Our minds at work: Developing the behavioural science of HR. Available at: science-hr.pdf (Accessed 10 Jan. 2016).
CIPD (2015) A head for hiring: The behavioural science of recruitment and selection. Available at: science-of-recruitment-and-selection.pdf (Accessed 10 Jan. 2016).

The core text books for this module are:

Lewis, R., & Zibarras, L. (2013). Work and Occupational Psychology: Integrating Theory and Practice. London: Sage.
Steptoe-Warren, G. Occupational Psychology: An Applied Approach. Harlow Gate, UK: Pearson.

Additional readings will be provided in lectures.

MRMP003: Statistics in R

No textbook is required. The recommended (text) books for this module are: