Postgraduate taught welcome

Flying Start Leadership Programme

During the first five days of the semester, you'll take part in a wide range of activities, workshops and events which will ensure that your time at Stirling takes off with a Flying Start.

Students who participated in the programme previously felt ready to embark upon their Masters course invigorated, prepared and committed to the learning journey ahead with newly developed skills. Here are just a few of the comments received from participants:

"The Flying Start Leadership Programme is valuable, integrating and orientating students, giving them an opportunity to find their feet."

"Soft skills are as important as 'hard skills', but often not valued enough. Hence, I was grateful for the opportunity to improve myself and to learn new useful things."

Participation in programme is compulsory and will be monitored throughout the duration of the programme. Upon satisfactory completion, you'll be awarded the Flying Start Leadership Programme Certificate of Participation.

Find out more information about the Flying Start Leadership Programme.

Students on the flying start leadership programme

Preparing for study at University - Stirling Essentials

Stirling Essentials provides a summary of the key information you need to be a successful student and it links into more in-depth help and advice, as and when you need it. Before you arrive, please do take some time to familiarise yourself with this module and work through its sections. This module will remain available to you throughout your studies, through a link on each Canvas module. (Log on with your University username and password, if requested.)

Course inductions

In these sections, you'll find details relating to your course of study. This includes details of your first course meeting, reading lists and key contacts.

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Welcome information for students starting in February 2021

Teaching on your course begins on 1 February 2021 with the Flying Start Leadership Programme when you will engage in a range of activities designed to ensure your transition into University life is smooth, enjoyable, stimulating and stress free.

You are also invited to attend the School-wide welcome meeting at 10:00am GMT on 1 February 2021, where you will be introduced to the School's staff and one another! We look forward to seeing you all there.

All students will have a "Welcome to your course" session where you can meet the Course Director and staff teaching on your course as well as the Professional Services staff. This session will introduce you to your course, what you can expect from us and our expectations of you. It will help you to settle into university life and as well as guide you as to ‘how things work around here’.

Click on your course below to get more information about the welcome activities and the reading list for your course.

February 2021 course welcome information
Column one lists courses, column two includes the start date for each course
CourseStart Date
Accounting and Finance courses
MSc Banking and Finance February 2021
MSc Finance February 2021
MSc Investment Analysis February 2021
MSc International Accounting and Finance February 2021
Business and Management courses
Master of Business Administration  February 2021
MSc Business and Management  February 2021
MSc International Business  February 2021
Data Science and Analytics courses  
MSc Business Analytics February 2021
MSc Data Science for Business  February 2021
MSc Data Science for Business (Online) February 2021
Marketing courses  
MSc Marketing February 2021
MSc Marketing Analytics  February 2021
MSc Marketing and Brand Mangement February 2021