Postgraduate taught welcome

Flying Start Leadership Programme

During the first five days of the semester, you'll take part in a wide range of activities, workshops and events which will ensure that your time at Stirling takes off with a Flying Start.

Students who participated in the programme previously felt ready to embark upon their Masters course invigorated, prepared and committed to the learning journey ahead with newly developed skills. Here are just a few of the comments received from participants:

"The Flying Start Leadership Programme is valuable, integrating and orientating students, giving them an opportunity to find their feet."

"Soft skills are as important as 'hard skills', but often not valued enough. Hence, I was grateful for the opportunity to improve myself and to learn new useful things."

Participation in programme is compulsory and will be monitored throughout the duration of the programme.

Find out more information about the Flying Start Leadership Programme.

Students on the flying start leadership programme

Preparing for study at University - Stirling Essentials

Stirling Essentials provides a summary of the key information you need to be a successful student and it links into more in-depth help and advice, as and when you need it. Before you arrive, please do take some time to familiarise yourself with this module and work through its sections. This module will remain available to you throughout your studies, through a link on each Canvas module. (Log on with your University username and password, if requested.)

Course inductions

You are invited to join a Stirling Management School postgraduate student welcome event and also a first class information and welcome event with your Programme Director.  Details of these activities will be available here soon.

Here to help

The Stirling Management School Postgraduate Office are available to help with any questions you have about beginning your course and they can be contacted at Our Postgraduate Director is Dr Peter Flett who can be reached at  and your Programme Director can be contacted at:

Accounting, Finance & Economics



MSc Investment Analysis

Dr Kevin Campbell

MSc Finance

Prof David McMillan

MSc International Accounting & Finance

Dr Patrick Herbst

MSc Finance & Risk Management

Dr Dionysia Dionysiou

MSc Finance & Economics

Dr Theo Diasakos

MSc Banking & Finance

Dr Theo Diasakos

Business & Management



Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Prof George Burt



Prof Iain Black

MSc Business & Management

MSc Management and Marketing (pathway)

MSc Management with New Venture Creation and Innovation (pathway)

Dr Tom Forbes


MSc Human Resource Management

Dr Linda Perriton

MSc International Business

MSc International Business and Marketing (pathway)

MSc International Business and Entrepreneurship (pathway)

Ms Jenoah Joseph


MSc Behavioural Science for Management

Dr David Comerford

Master of Research in Business & Management (MRes)

Dr Dean Pierides




MSc Data Science for Business

Dr Najib Murad

MSc Data Science for Business (Online)

Dr Najib Murad

MSc Business Analytics

Dr Tom Kane

MSc Business Analytics (Online)

Dr Tom Kane

MSc Finance and Data Analytics

Dr Costas Gavrilidis

MSc Marketing Analytics

Dr Lisa Siebers



MSc Marketing

Dr Keri Davies

MSc Marketing and Brand Management

Dr Mona Moufahim

MSc Multichannel Retail Marketing

Dr Mona Moufahim