Working Lives research

Examples of topics that our work addresses include the impacts of financialization on work and employment relations; the uses and abuses of social media at work; identity based around class and occupations; the relationship between community and work; the concept of employability especially for unemployed and disadvantaged job seekers; the management of emotion in organisations; dignity at work; professionalism and professional ethics; moral economy and the workplace, labour violations and modern slavery. 

Our work is published in internationally leading journals such as Human Relations, Work, Employment and Society, Sociology, and the Journal of Industrial Relations. It has been funded by prestigious bodies such as the ESRC, the EU research council, the Carnegie Trust and the Scottish government. It is often the outcome of international collaboration with scholars from the EU and beyond.

Please see our news, events, and current research activities in this dedicated web page and follow us on Twitter. If you are interested in our research and wish to collaborate or pursue a doctoral degree please get in touch.