Working Lives Projects

The Working Lives group currently works on a number of externally funded projects, international collaborations, as well as other projects. Below, you may also see information on recently completed projects.

Funded projects

Quantifying the economic value of women’s networks in the alternative finance sector

Research team: Professor Abigail Marks (University of Stirling) Esme Terry (Heriot-Watt University), Dr Jesus Canduela (Edinburgh Napier University), Dr Dimitris Christopoulos (Heriot-Watt University), Dr Arek Dakessian (Queen Margaret University)
Dates: 2018-2019
Summary: The purpose of this project was to examine the value and experience of agents – particularly women – in the home credit sector. The data collection focused on the Central Belt of Scotland and the North East of England looking at the experiences of agents and managers across eight branches. Over 70 interviews were conducted with agents and managers. The interview data was analysed along with performance data obtained from Loans at Home.

Diamond - Revealing fair and actionable knowledge from data to support women’s inclusion in Transport systems (Fairness and gender in transport)

PI: Ron McQuaid, Research Fellow: Dr Yvonne Hale with 14 partners in eight European countries
Funder: EU Horizon 2020 RIA, Stirling share €316 000, total €2,600,000
Dates: 2018-2021
Summary: The project considers fairness for women in transport employment, autonomous cars, bike sharing and public transport users.

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Strengthening key competencies of low skilled people in VET to cover future replacement positions

PI: Ron McQuaid, Researcher: Dr Aleks Webb, 8 EU partners
Funder: EU, ERASMUS + KA2, Stirling share €26 000, total €202 255
Summary: The project focuses on industries less likely to be affected by technological change in short- medium terms - Childcare and Early Learning in Scotland and other sectors in partner countries.

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Employee Ownership in Scotland Census 2019

PIs: Ron McQuaid and Suzanne Mawson
Funder: Co-operative Development Scotland, Scottish Enterprise, £19,000
About: Census of major employee owned businesses and co-operatives in Scotland, following on from a similar 2018 Census

Integrating the Sustainable Development Goals into HEI programmes accredited by professional associations

PI: Dr Lila Skountridaki
Funded by: UN PRME UK and Ireland Chapter seed funding
Dates: 01/11/2018–31/10/2019
Summary: This project focuses on the CIPD accreditation specifications for the MSc in Human Resource Management taught in numerous UK universities. The aim is to identify opportunities to explicitly link learning objectives with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, prepare a recommendation plan on engage with the SDGs and communicate the recommendations to the CIPD.

Exposing modern slavery policy-making to management theory

PI: Dr Darren McGuire
Funded by: UN PRME UK and Ireland Chapter seed funding
Dates: 01/11/2018–31/10/2019
Summary: This project examines how policy-makers conceptualise and monitor modern slavery and considers the role that management theories could play in strengthening their hand.

A pool of neglected labour? Young people, skills, and front-line service work and management in the Scottish hotel industry

PI: Prof. Sharon Bolton
Co-workers: Dr Darren McGuire, Dr Kerstin Maier
Funded by: The Moffat Trust (£50,000)
Dates: 2016/2017
Summary: The project explored the economic potential of young unemployed people by examining the skills and demand for labour in frontline service sector jobs across six hotels in the Glasgow, Edinburgh and Stirling areas. The aim of this approach was therefore to question how skills are conceptualised and developed by hotel managers across the case study hotels, by evaluating the recruitment, selection, and development processes employed in the context of the paradoxical co-existence of high unemployment and a professed skills shortage.

International collaborations

The occupational identity of retired BT telephonists working between 1950s and 1980

People: Professor Abigail Marks and Robert MacKenzie of Karlstads Universitet, Sweden

The uses and abuses of social media at work 

People: Professor Paul Thompson with Professor Paula McDonald of Queensland University of Technology, Australia
Summary: Drawing from a conceptual model originally published in the International Journal of Management Reviews, survey-based research explores social media employment practices in the UK and Australia, with particular emphasis on patterns of discipline and dissent. See papers in Human Resource Management Journal and Human Relations.

Business Lobbyists' work and work ethics in Brussels

People: Dr Lila Skountridaki with Ass. Professor Andrew Barron of the Toulouse Business School, France

Gender and the deployment of emotion management techniques in the Thai spa industry

People: Dr Adelina Broadbridge and Winayaporn Bhrammanachote, of Chiang Mai Rajabhat University, Thailand

Internal collaborations

Data Science Professionals: careers, work, and organisations

People: Dr Lila Skountridaki and Professor Abigail Marks
Summary: This project focuses on the employment experience of data science professionals within Scotland, and in particular focuses on data science professionals’ background, training, and aspirations but also the integration problems of data science teams into organisations.

Wake up and Smell the Coffee! Service Provision for People with Dementia in UK Local Cafés and Restaurants

People: Dr Adelina Broadbridge and David Johnson
Summary: The number of people with dementia (PWD) represents a growing proportion of the population. This paper provides some understanding as to what the experiences of people with dementia can be when using cafés/restaurants and examines the relative importance of service quality and coproduction in helping to meet their needs and those of their carers.

A tattooed workforce – an asset or a liability on employability

People: Adelina Broadbridge, Ronald McQuaid and Beth Wood

Appearance in the Workplace: impact on Career Development  

Book editors: Dr Adelina Broadbridge and Sasha Saunders