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PRAM software model

Proposed systems of care will be assessed and compared on cost and quality using an Excel-based model based on multi-criteria decision analysis. This will help ensure that any plan achieves a good balance between the service level and resource utilisation.

The new model(s) of care will be implemented and evaluated at participating health boards within the Scottish NHS. The software tool will allow health authorities to design a new postnatal care service appropriate to their socio-economic and geographical circumstances.

The model allows service planners to compare current (blue) and proposed (red) postnatal care services in terms of their quality. We consider six dimensions of care quality.  The best postnatal service will be (1) efficient, (2) timely, (3) equitable, (4) mother/baby centred, (5) effective, and (6) safe.  Here, dependency refers to the category of patient based on their medical and/or social care needs, which may include mental health.

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