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Postnatal questionnaire

A questionnaire was sent out to mothers at participating NHS case sites at 6-8 weeks following delivery. This was supplemented by conducting small focus group sessions with groups of mothers. These research methods help us understand how the service is viewed by mothers and where it could be improved.

The graphs below show, for three different NHS health boards: (1) mode of delivery; (2) baby feeding method; (3) parity (whether or not a woman is a first-time mother); and (4) age of mother. The individual coloured bars show the percentages at each health board. It can be seen that the percentage of normal deliveries was lower at health board 3, which had a correspondingly higher percentage of forceps or ventouse deliveries. Differences in breastfeeding rates (exclusive or supported by bottlefeeding) are also apparent between the health boards. The distribution of mother’s ages does not quite resemble a Normal Distribution (shown by the solid line curve). 





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