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Outpatient models for the Queen’s Medical Centre Diagnostic And Treatment Centre

A review of outpatient services for a planned Diagnosis and Treatment Centre (DTC) at the Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham has been undertaken. One output of the project was a spreadsheet-based model which allows management to assess the capacity requirements for different configurations of outpatient services within the DTC. The model captured the inter-relationship between the various services considering: the number of outpatient attendances and clinics; different types of radiology; physiotherapy, OT and other therapy services; pathology, pharmacy and non-emergency ambulance space requirements, for different configurations of services. As well as providing an overview of the outpatient care system the project also examined four specialties in detail constructing pathways for the current and future patterns of care for the more common symptoms or treatments. The implications of these developments in care were analysed as an input to the design of the DTC.


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