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Modelling the Balance of Care

A 1+3 ESRC Case Studentship has been awarded for a PhD project in collaboration with NHS Fife. The project is using various modelling techniques to assist Fife in moving services from the acute sector to the community. Pathway mapping has been employed to develop a shared understanding of current practices and encourage debate about alternative organisation of care; simulation can then help specify the resource requirements; combining multi-criteria decision analysis with Health Economics provides a tool for comparing options and their impact on quality of care and cost.  This suite of models has been deployed in a variety of services: in some cases the Balance of Care may be shifted, enhancing quality without incurring substantial additional cost; modelling provides the basis for distinguishing these options from other proposals that may be costly or have minimal benefit for patient care.


Bowers J, Marshall C, Mould G (2015) Location of services and the impact on healthcare quality: insights from a simulation of a musculoskeletal physiotherapy service, Journal of the Operational Research Society, Vol.66, No.7, pp.1212-1221 doi: 10.1057/jors.2014.85

For further information please contact Carol Marshall: or John Bowers:

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