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Healthcare Systems and Modelling

Systems analysis and modelling have been effective in a wide range of manufacturing and service industries. Through a series of research projects, we have explored the potential for transferring this experience into healthcare management. Systems analysis and modelling have a great relevance in efficiently organising resources to deliver more effective healthcare. However, the techniques often require some adaptation for healthcare reflecting the variety of stakeholders and the strong emphasis on patient-centred care.

Waiting list management

Topic Project
Redesign Concentration and orthopaedic services
  Redesign of acute health services
  and Treatment Centreand Treatment Centre
  National postnatal care redesign
  Reducing postnatal hospital stay
  PRAM Postnatal care Resource Allocation Model
Balance of care Organisational impact of Ambulatory Care
  Delays to discharge

Modelling the Balance of Care
Care in the community

Resource allocation and capacity planning Provision of patient transport services across Scotland
  Intensive Care Unit modelling at the Golden Jubilee National Hospital heart and Lung Centre
Methodology Reflections on healthcare modelling and its implementation

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