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Do You Want To Get Involved

Your involvement

Are you a large 3-5* hotel in Glasgow, Edinburgh or Stirling? Do you serve food and beverages, and host events such as conferences and/or weddings at your establishment?

If so, we are interested in your experience of recruiting and selecting front of house staff. We would like to interview line managers and HR staff involved in selecting and recruiting front of house employees for approximately one hour, any recruitment and selection policies and documents you would like to share with us, and carry out some informal observations of your establishment.

What’s in it for you?

The research is conducted under the direction of Professor Sharon Bolton, Head of School at Stirling Management School. You will receive a high-quality written report summarising our findings, giving you an insight into current practices but also best practices in your industry in Scotland. This can help you shape your strategic approach to recruitment and selection, while also helping young people in your area find employment. In addition, Professor Bolton will continue to support any organisation wishing to continue to engage in developing a best practice approach.

If you are interested, please contact Dr Kerstin Maier Barcroft ( for further information on how to take part. 

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