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A Pool Of Neglected Labour

A pool of neglected labour? Young people, skills and front-line service work in the Scottish hotel industry

The Moffat Charitable Trust awarded the University of Stirling Management School £50,000 to investigate the relationship between young people, employment and skills in the Scottish hotel industry.

The decline in manufacturing and the rise of service sector organisations has driven marked changes in the character of jobs and the nature of work in the hospitality and tourism industry. As ex-industrial hubs such as Glasgow re-focus their investment strategies to fit a service based economy, front line service sector roles now account for 75% of the UK economy, fulfilling a significant proportion of total jobs in the UK (Inman, 2012).The hospitality and tourism sector is now a major employer in Scotland. Yet the hospitality industry in Scotland has declared a lack of availability of necessary service-sector skills (People 1st, 2014). In addition, the hospitality sector is experiencing a growing challenge in recruitment because of the importance and reliance on migrant workers; especially in the context of increasingly restrictive policy arrangements. 

Employment Strategies in the Hospitality Sector Conference - 23 August 2016

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