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Working Papers

‌The papers listed below are Stirling Economics Discussion Papers in a new series started in 2008. Other papers are available on RePEc.

Any of the papers below may be downloaded by clicking on the entry in the title column of the table.


Paper No.Author(s), TitlePDF file size
2019-01 Professor David Bell and Dr Willem Sas, Starting From Scratch? A New Approach to Subnational Public Finance (with Application to the UK) 408KB 
2017-01 SEDP201701Wilson 'Compulsory Education and Teenage Motherhood' 662KB
2016-01 SEDP201601TorresHanley' Economic valuation of coastal and marine ecosystem services in the 21st century: An overview from a management perspective' 1,657KB
2015-01 SEDP201501DelaneyLades ' Present Bias and Everyday Self-Control Failures ' 895KB
2014-12 SEDP201412ChenMacDonald ' Measuring the Euro-Dollar Permanent Equilibrium Exchange Rate using the Unobserved Components Model' 332KB
2014-11 SEDP201411ChenKirsanovaLeith 'An Empirical Assessment of Optimal Monetary Policy Delegation in the Euro Area' 1,266KB
2014-10 SEDP201410DalyDelaneyDoyleFitzpatrickOFarrelly 'Can Early Intervention Policies Improve Well-being? Evidence from a randomized controlled trial*'  572KB
2014-09 SEDP201409BinderLades 'Autonomy-enhancing paternalism' 396KB
2014-08 SEDP201408GreaslyHanleyMcLaughlinOxley: Empirical Tests of Mainstream Theories of Economic Growth'  812KB
2014-06 SEDP201406CzajkowskiHanleyNyborg 'Social norms, morals and self-interested behaviour as determinants of pro-environment behaviour' 379KB
2014-05 SEDP201405CzajkowskiHanleyLaRiviereSimpson 'What is the Causal Effect of Information and Learning about a Public Good on Willingness to Pay?' 456KB


SEDP201403OxleyHanleyGreasleyBlumMcLaughlinKunnas 'Empirical testing of genuine savings as an indicator of weak sustainability: a three-country analysis of long run trends'



SEDP201402DelaneyFinkHarmon‌ 'Effects of stress on economic decision-making: Evidence from laboratory experiments' 608KB


SEDP201401LangeMoroRahman 'Policy Labels and Investment Decision-making'  430KB


SEDP201313BlumMcLaughlinHanley 'Genuine savings and future well-being in Germany, 1850-2000' 922KB


SEDP201312HartRoberts ‘The rise and fall of piecework–timework wage differentials: market volatility, labor heterogeneity, and output pricing’  436KB


SEDP201311CzajkowskiHanleyLaRiviere ‘ The Effects of Experience on Preference Uncertainty: Theory and Empirics for Public and Quasi-Public Environmental Goods'  537KB


Adam Kleczkowski Ciaran Ellis Dave Goulson Frans P. de Vries Nick Hanley 'Ecological-economic modelling of interactions between wild and commercial bees and pesticide use'''  401KB


Simanti Banerjee, Frans P. de Vries, Nick Hanley & Daan van Soest ‘The Impact of Information Provision on Agglomeration Bonus Performance: An Experimental Study on Local Networks  349KB


Jeff Bryan, Ian Lange & Alex MacDonald 'Estimating the Price of ROCs '  541KB


 Robert A. Hart & Yue Ma 'Overtime Working and Contract Efficiency'  578KB


David Greasley, Nick Hanley, Jan Kunnas, Eoin McLaughlin, Les Oxley and Paul Warde 'Comprehensive investment and future well-being in the USA, 1869-2000' 1,060KB




Niels Jobstvogt , Nick Hanley , Stephen Hynes , Jasper Kenter & Ursula Witte 'Twenty Thousand Sterling Under the Sea: Estimating the value of protecting deep-sea biodiversity'‌ 1,039KB


Robert A. Hart & J. Elizabeth Roberts 'Industrial composition, methods of compensation, and real earnings in the Great Depression' 599KB


Susana Ferreira, Alpaslan Akay, Finbarr Brereton, Juncal Cuñado, Peter Martinsson, Mirko Moro & Tine F. Ningal 'Life Satisfaction and Air Quality in Europe' ‌  657KB




David Greasley, Nick Hanley, Jan Kunnas, Eoin McLaughlin, Les Oxley & Paul Warde 'Testing the predictive power of genuine savings as a long-run indicator of future well-being' 


2012-17 Mikołaj Czajkowski, Nick Hanley & Jacob LaRiviere 'The Effects of Experience on Preference Uncertainty: Theory and Empirics for Public and Quasi-Public Goods'  498KB
2012-16 Jan Kunnas, Eoin McLaughlin, Nick Hanley, Les Oxley, David Greasley & Paul Warde ‘How Environmental Pollution from Fossil Fuels can be included in measures of National Accounts and Estimates of Genuine Savings’   560KB
2012-15 Karen Turner ‘‘Rebound’ effects from increased energy efficiency: a time to pause and reflect’   439KB
2012-14 Glenn Bush, Nick Hanley, Mirko Moro & Daniel Rondeau 'Measuring the Local Opportunity Costs of Conservation: A Provision Point Mechanism for Willingness-to-Accept.  498KB
2012-13 David Bell & Alasdair Rutherford 'Long-Term Care and the Housing Market'  466KB
2012-12 ‌  500KB
2012-11 Ronnie MacPherson & Ian Lange 'Determinants of the green electricity tariff uptake in the UK'  597KB
2012-10 Robert A. Hart, Mirko Moro & J. Elizabeth Roberts 'Date of birth, family background, and the 11 plus exam: short- and long-term consequences of the 1944 secondary education reforms in England and Wales'  642KB
2012-09 Laurent Franckx & Frans P. de Vries 'A Note on Organizational Design and the Optimal Allocation of Environmental Liability'  191KB
2012-08 Karen Turner, Ian Lange, Patrizio Lecca & Soo Jung Ha 'Econometric estimation of nested production functions and testing in a computable general equilibrium analysis of economy-wide rebound effects'  328KB
2012-07 Oliver Falck, Robert Gold & Stephan Heblich 'E-Lections: Voting Behavior and the Internet'  568KB
2012-06 Mikołaj Czajkowski & Nick Hanley 'More random or more deterministic choices? The effects of information on preferences for biodiversity conservation.'  431KB
2012-05 Eoin McLaughlin, David Greasley, Nick Hanley, Les Oxley & Paul Warde 'Testing for long-run “sustainability”: Genuine Savings estimates for Britain, 1760-2000'  957KB
2012-04 Xiaoshan Chen, Alexandros Kontonikas & Alberto Montagnoli 'Asset Prices, Credit and the Business Cycle'  356KB
2012-03 Ian Lange & Sarah Polborn 'Can lobbying encourage abatement? Designing a new policy instrument  341KB
2012-02 Nick Hanley, Simanti Banerjee, Gareth D. Lennox & Paul R. Armsworth 'How should we incentivize private landowners to “produce” more biodiversity?'  660KB
2012-01 Mikołaj Czajkowski, Tadeusz Kądziela & Nick Hanley 'We want to sort! – assessing households’ preferences for sorting waste  435KB
2011-20 Sergio Colombo, Nick Hanley & Mike Christie ' What are the consequences of ignoring attributes in choice experiments? An application to ecosystem service values' 796KB
2011-19 Simanti Banerjee, James S Shortle & Anthony M Kwasnica 'An Iterative Auction for Spatially Contiguous Land Management: An Experimental Analysi' 


2011-18 Simanti Banerjee,Anthony M. Kwasnica & James S. Shortle 'Agglomeration Bonus in Local Networks: A laboratory examination of spatial coordination failure'  496KB
2011-17 Oliver Falck, Christina Guenther, Stephan Heblich & William R. Kerr 'From Russia with Love:The Impact of Relocated Firms on Incumbent Survival'  772KB
2011-16 Andreas Ferrara, Ian Lange 'Voluntary Programs to Encourage Diffusion: The Case of the Combined Heat-and-Power Partnership'  247KB
2011-15 Frans P. de Vries, Bouwe R. Dijkstra & Matthew McGinty 'Emissions Trading and Intersectoral Dynamics: Absolute versus Relative Design Schemes'  288KB
2011-14 Oliver Falck,Stephan Heblich & Susanne Link 'The Evils of Forced Migration: Do Integration Policies Alleviate Migrants’ Economic Situations?'  768KB
2011-13 Karen Turner,Nick Hanley,Cathy Xin Cui,Soo Jung Ha,Peter McGregor,Kim Swales & Ya Ping Yin 'Productivity Growth, Decoupling and Pollution Leakage'  543KB
2011-12 Glenn Bush, Nick Hanley & Daniel Rondeau 'Comparing opportunity cost measures of forest conservation in Uganda; implications for assessing the distributional impacts of forest management approaches'  490KB
2011-11 Robert A. Hart & J. Elizabeth Roberts 'Spot wages, job changes, and the cycle'  554KB
2011-10 David N.F. Bell 'Council Tax Proposals in the Scottish Election 2011'  651KB
2011-09 Robert A. Hart & J. Elizabeth Roberts 'Real wage cyclicality and the Great Depression: evidence from British engineering and metal working firms'  424KB
2011-08 Cathy Xin Cui,Soo Jung Ha,Geoffrey Hewings & Karen Turner 'Input-output analyses of the pollution content of intra- and inter-national trade flows'  351KB
2011-07 Mirko Moro,Karen Mayor,Seán Lyons & Richard S.J. Tol 'Does the housing market reflect cultural heritage? A case study of Greater Dublin'  1,089KB
2011-06 Karen Turner, Max Mundy, Peter McGregor & Kim Swales 'How responsible is a region for its carbon emissions? An integrated input-output and CGE analysis'  733KB
2011-05 Allen Bellas, Duane Finney & Ian Lange 'Technological Advance in Cooling Systems at U.S. Power Plants'  268KB
2011-04 Karen Turner, Michelle Gilmartin, Peter G. McGregor & J. Kim Swales 'An integrated IO and CGE approach to analysing changes in environmental trade balances'  831KB
2011-03 Tianshu Zhao, Victor Murinde & Kupukile Mlambo 'How Does the Institutional Setting for Creditor Rights Affect Bank Lending and Risk-Taking?'  750KB
2011-02 Cati Torres, Nick Hanley & Sergio Colombo 'Incorrectly accounting for taste heterogeneity in choice experiments: Does it really matter for welfare measurement?'  345KB
2011-01 Oliver Falck, Stephan Heblich, Alfred Lameli & Jens Südekum 'Dialects, Cultural Identity, and Economic Exchange'  1.34MB
2010-19 Soo Jung Ha, Karen Turner, Geoffrey Hewings, Peter McGregor & J. Kim Swales 'Econometric estimation of Armington import elasticities and their system-wide impact in a regional CGE model of Illinois economy'  705KB
2010-18 Patrizio Lecca, Kim Swales & Karen Turner 'An investigation of issues relating to where energy should enter the production function'  439KB
2010-17 Karen Turner & Nick Hanley 'Energy Efficiency, Rebound Effects and the Environmental Kuznets Curve'  846KB
2010-16 Karen Turner , Janine De Fence ,Peter McGregor ,Max Munday & Kim Swales 'Incorporating jurisdiction issues into an analysis of carbon attributable to Welsh final consumption under different economic conditions: an integrated IO and CGE analysis'  1.50MB
2010-15 Paul Alagidede ,Theodore Panagiotidis & Xu Zhang 'Why a Diversified Portfolio Should Include African Assets'  540KB
2010-14 Nick Hanley, Szvetlana Acs, Martin Dallimer, Kevin J. Gaston, Anil Graves, Joe Morris & Paul R. Armsworth 'Likely Impacts of Future Agricultural Change on Upland Farming and Biodiversity'  548KB
2010-12 Cati Torres ,Nick Hanley & Antoni Riera 'How wrong can you be? Implications of incorrect utility function specification for welfare measurement in choice experiments '  1.18Mb
2010-11 Paul Alagidede, Simeon Coleman & Juan Carlos Cuestas, Persistence of Inflationary shocks: Implications for West African Monetary Union Membership  452KB
2010-10 Susana Ferreira & Mirko Moro, Constructing Genuine Savings Indicators for Ireland, 1995-2005  574KB
2010-09 Robert A. Hart & J. Elizabeth Roberts, Real wages, working time, and the Great Depression.  1045KB
2010-08 Julien Grenet, Robert A. Hart & J. Elizabeth Roberts, Above and beyond the call. Long-term real earnings effects of British male military conscription in the post-war years, forthcoming in Labour Economics  675KB
2010-07 Paul Alagidede & Theodore Panagiotidis, Can Common Stocks Provide A Hedge Against Inflation? Evidence from African Countries  670KB
2010-06 Alasdair Rutherford, On the Up: Voluntary Sector Wages in the UK 1998 - 2007  1053KB
2010-05 Paul Alagidede, Theodore Panagiotidis & Xu Zhang, Causal Relationship between Stock Prices and Exchange Rates  736KB
2010-04 David N.F. Bell & David G. Blanchflower, Youth Unemployment: Deja Vu?   641KB
2010-03 David N.F. Bell & Robert A. Hart, Retire Later or Work Harder?  475KB
2010-02 Nick Hanley & Ian A. MacKenzie, The effects of rent seeking over tradable pollution permits  224KB
2010-01 Sascha O. Becker & Ludger Woessmann, The Effect of Protestantism on Education before the Industrialization: Evidence from 1816 Prussia - published in Economics Letters (2010), 107(2), 224-228.  246KB
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