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About Us

Through our Consumers, Cultures and Society research we:

  • Seek to deliver world leading and internationally excellent publications, as well as high impact outcomes in research, by studying how the market influences and facilitates consumption experiences, and by exploring how consumers (dis)engage with market practices;
  • Endeavour to influence policy and practice through engagement with the wider community, by employing our research expertise and focusing on our ability to disseminate our research to diverse audiences;
  • Are furthering our national and international network of consumer researchers to strengthen our visibility and scope for collaboration;
  • Will through the on-going development of awareness, skills and relationships amongst colleagues support the submission of substantial, multi-disciplinary proposals for grant funding;
  • Will continue to educate and challenge a broad community of students, through a focus on business knowledge and transferable skills, to both facilitate employability and to meet the needs of our communities;
  • Support the advances of the next generation of creative and innovative research students and post-doc scholars who will be independent in their thinking and learning, and motivated in their desire to contribute to the academy.
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