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Consumers, Cultures and Society

The Consumers, Cultures and Society Research Group specialises in bringing the experiences of consumers (and those driving the market) to wider audiences through the evolving character and social structure of the 'consumer society'.

It is increasingly important to consider consumption in a broader social landscape and the inter-relationships and interactions between consumers and society. Our research explores the 'consumer society' and how it impacts on people's lives by identifying and understanding their consumer behaviour and related experiences.  The social, economic, environmental and cultural influences on consumption and consumer behaviour are also considered.

Our collective aim is to generate insights which contribute to contemporary academic debate and inform policy (and, where appropriate, management and marketing strategy). This builds on our long-standing research reputation in the area of consumption, markets and culture. 

For enquiries about the Consumers, Cultures and Society Research Group please contact:

Professor Julie Tinson
Phone: +44 (0)1786 467389

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