Behavioural Science Centre people

List of Staff
Column one lists the names, column two lists their titles.
Dr Conny Wollbrant Associate Professor in Economics
Dr David Comerford Senior Lecturer in Economics
Dr Seda Erdem Associate Professor in Economics
Dr Simon McCabe Lecturer in Management, Work and Organisation
Dr Till Stowasser Senior Lecturer in Economics
Dr Mirko Moro Associate Professor in Economics
Professor Liam Delaney Professor in Economics
Professor Frans de Vries Professor in Economics
Dr Elaine Douglas Research fellow
Dr Mikael Knutsson Research fellow Linköping University, Visiting Researcher
Dr Philip Ebert Senior Lecturer in Philosophy
Dr Craig Anderson Lecturer in Economics
Professor Danny Campbell Professor in Economics
Professor Marjon van der Pol Honorary Professor, University of Stirling
Dr Erlend Sandorf Marie Sklodowska-Curie Research Fellow
Dr Leonhard Lades EPA Research Fellow in Behavioral Economics