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Selected Recent Research Outputs

  • Abdullah, M., Evans, L., Fraser, I. and Tsalavoutas, I. (2015) IFRS mandatory disclosures in Malaysia: the influence of family control and the value (ir)relevance of compliance levels, Accounting Forum, Forthcoming.
  • Changwony FK, Campbell K and Tabner I.T. (2015) Social Engagement and Stock Market Participation, Review of Finance, Vol 19 (1), pp 317 - 366. DOI:10.1093/rof/rft059
  • Charteris A, Chau F, Gavriilidis K and Kallinterakis V, Premiums, Discounts and Feedback Trading: Evidence from Emerging Markets' ETFs (Forthcoming/Available Online), International Review of Financial Analysis.
  • Dionysiou D, Choosing Among Alternative Long-Run Event-Study Techniques, Journal of Economic Surveys. DOI: Forthcoming
  • Elshandidy, T., Fraser, I.A.M. and Hussainey, K. (2015) What drives mandatory and voluntary risk reporting variations across Germany, UK and US?, British Accounting Review, Forthcoming.
  • Evans, L., Baskerville, R. and Nara, K. (2015) 'Colliding Worlds: Language Translation in Accounting and Other Disciplines, ABACUS, 51(1), 1-36 DOI: 10.1111/abac.12040
  • Evans, L. and Pierpoint, J. (2015) 'Framing the Magdalen. Sentimental narratives and impression management in charity annual reporting', Accounting and Business Research, Forthcoming.
  • Fillis, I., Lee, B. and Fraser, I. (2015) Measuring the cultural value of the Royal Scottish Academy New Contemporaries Exhibition as a platform for emerging artists, Cultural Trends, Forthcoming.
  • Fraser, I. A. M. and Lee, B. (2015) Fair, Balanced and Understandable: Enhancing corporate reporting and assurance?, The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland, Forthcoming.
  • Frey S and Herbst P, The Influence of Buy-side Analysts on Mutual Fund Trading, Journal of Banking and Finance. DOI: Forthcoming
  • Kambouroudis, D. S., and McMillan, D. G., (2015), “Does Vix or Volume Improve Volatility Forecasts?”, Applied Economics, (Forthcoming).
  • Kambouroudis, D. S., McMillan, D. G., and Tsakou, K., (2016), “Forecasting stock return volatility: a comparison of GARCH models and implied volatility”, Journal of Futures Markets, (Forthcoming).
  • Kambouroudis, D. S. and McMillan, D. G. (2015), “Is there an ideal in-sample length for forecasting volatility?” Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money, 37, pp. 114-137.
  • Kutum, I., Fraser, I. and Hussainey, K (2015) The application of business risk audit methodology within non-Big 4 firms, Journal of Financial Reporting and Accounting, Forthcoming.
  • Smith SJ and Beattie V, In Short Supply: Is There a Future Generation of Accounting Academics? Financial Reporting, Forthcoming
  • Thomson I, Dey C and Russell S (2015) Activism, Arenas and Accounts in Conflicts over Tobacco Control, Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal. Forthcoming.
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