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Knowledge Transfer, academic and professional engagement

Contributions to academe

Editor/associate editor and editorial board memberships:

  • Accounting and Business Research (Sarah Smith)
  • Accounting History (Lisa Evans)
  • Accounting History Review (Lisa Evans)
  • Accounting in Europe (Lisa Evans: editorial board member and former editor)
  • Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal (Colin Dey: editorial board member and guest editor of special issue; Lisa Evans)
  • British Accounting Review (Alan Goodacre, associate editor)
  • Cogent Economics and Finance (David McMillan, co-editor)
  • European Journal of Finance (David McMillan)
  • Journal of Applied Accounting Research (Colin Dey)
  • Journal of Asset Management (David McMillan)
  • Studies in Economics and Finance (Kevin Campbell)

Conferences and workshops hosted or organised:

  • 2016: Graeme Acheson - Workshop on Banking and Financial History. View the programme - Banking and History Workshop
  • 2015 and 2014: Alisdair Dobie -
  • 2015: Colin Dey - stream co-organiser for 2015 Critical Management Studies Conference on Ecological Accounts
  • 2014: Colin Dey - research workshop on Ecological accounts: Making non-human worlds (in)visible during moments of socio-ecological transformation, 2014 and member of the organising committee of the 2013 and 2014 International Congress on Social and Environmental Accounting Research
  • 2014: Alisdair Dobie and Graeme Acheson - Scottish Business and Industrial History Conference
  • 2012: Alisdair Dobie - Member of management committee for the 2012 World Congress of Accounting Historians
  • 2010: Lisa Evans and Ioannis Tsalavoutas:

Selected key note/plenary presentations:

  • L‌isa Evans: 8th Asia-Pacific Interdisciplinary Research in Accounting (APIRA) Conference, Melbourne, July 2016. ‌‌Picture: Lisa Evans giving her key note speech.
  • Colin Dey: Kansai University Data Science Laboratory workshops, Tokyo and Osaka, March 2015; Social Audit Network conference, 2011, Newcastle. ‌Picture: Colin Dey with fellow delegates at Kansai University.
  • Lisa Evans: The First European Colloquim on Qualitative Research Methods in Business and Accounting, University of Verona, July 2015; 8th International Conference on Discourse, Communication and the Enterprise (Dicoen), Naples, June 2015; 7th Accounting History
  • International Conference, Seville, September, 2013; AMIS/IAAER conference and paper development workshop in Bucharest, June 2013; Qualitative Research in Business Colloquium, University of South Australia, April 2013; 2nd Brunel Accounting Symposium, June 2012; EAA Annual Congress, Ljubljana, May 2012; EAA Annual Congress, Rome, April 2011; EAA Annual Congress, Istanbul, May 2010; Conference on IFRS and SME Enterprises, Rimini, Italy, December 2005.
  • Ian Fraser, Keynote address at City of London breakfast event on Audit and assurance in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, hosted by Grant Thornton Plc and the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland, July 2010. [Event attended by senior users and auditors and representatives of regulatory and professional bodies including the FSA, the FRC, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales (ICAEW) and HM Treasury]; Address to members of the international financial community, University of Luxembourg, September 2010; Keynote address on the Future of Assurance at the 2010 Congress of the International Association for Accounting Education and Research (IAAER), Singapore, November 2010.
  • Sarah Smith: Scotdoc 2014; ICAS event on Intellectual Capital; ICAS PhD student event; CDAF conference, May 2013.

Academic Committee Work

  • Colin Dey: Elected member of the Executive Council of the Centre for Social and Environmental Accounting Research
  • Lisa Evans: EAA FRSC committee member 2004-2010; chaired working group on IFRS for SMEs.

Contributions to Policy and Practice

  • Colin Dey: worked with the fair-trade organisation Traidcraft plc to develop new forms of social accounting and bookkeeping; undertook research on behalf of Prince Charles's Accounting for Sustainability charity.
  • Lisa Evans: member of the research committee of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland since 2006.
  • Ian Fraser: In the wake of the financial crisis of 2008, research conducted by Ian Fraser investigated the perceptions of financial statement users and auditors on strategic contemporary issues on audit and assurance. The research impacted directly on proposals put forward by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland (ICAS) on The Future of Assurance (henceforth FoA). Ian Fraser was a member of the ICAS working party which developed FoA as well of subsequent ICAS working parties which resulted in further ICAS policy documents. The Financial Reporting Council (from 2013) now stipulates that corporate boards state whether their annual reports as a whole (i.e. both ‘back half’ and ‘front half’) are Fair, Balanced and Understandable (FBU). Ian Fraser and Boram Lee are now carrying out a further, ICAS funded, research project exploring how FBU is working out in practice. Read about their results here.
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